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Don't forget to click on the images, except the non-photo on this page, to get larger scans. If you can identify people in the photos whom I've not named (especially yourself), notify me at so I can make the corrections. As any nightcluber will understand, I remember everyone I met but not even half the names I was given.

Saying Goodbye

- A typical "photographer taking a photo of a photo being taken" photo. Things not to do when taking pictures: obscure the face of a person, have bright-on-bright in a black and white photo, take your film to a crappy commercial lab. The last item will become clear when you see the other photos that came from this roll. If the guy behind the counter says they're the only b/w lab for a kilometre around, he's lying. The next photo of Lucy is much better, or you can look at her pics from Friday night at Maritime Hall.

- Stephanie and Web. Aren't they just cuuuuuuute? Steph, Web, EdVamp and I were hanging out in bratling/Robert's room, after the afterparty in nightbird/Robert's room, smoking a clove and telling stories. I crashed eventually when these two were still awake. Did they sleep? I didn't ask.

- The better Lucy picture. She's wearing black, she's dramaticly lit, and she's trying to claw out her left eyeball.

- Okay, this picture is a bit of an in-joke, but if you've been paying attention to what I've said in the annotated pages, then you'll understand why I had to take a picture of this and why I altered it. If it helps, it's not a blood stain left by rampaging occultist death worshiping Marilyn Manson listening goths.

- arachnid/Soyung, an acquaintance from when I started on IRC, seen here in her natural habitat. I didn't use a flash, so nothing should have washed out, but she is. Her homepage had had much better pictures. Pity none of those pictures are with what she was wearing when I got to see her. Half of the reason I went to San Fran the first time was because she asked me to. We get to meet for about 20 minutes each time I'm in California, then she's back to work and I'm back to adventuring.

- Two jokes in one. First, the still life photo is a florentine crepe I had on Haight street at a place called the "Squat and Gobble 2." Eriktik/Eric and Nebelhexa/Tanya took me there during my hung over state, and I made the mistake of drinking milk. When I saw Tanya's yummy omlette I did not feel comfortable. Before I left San Fran I had to return to prove I could defeat nausea and enjoy a good crepe. It also reminded me of San Fran's famous Brunch Line Assembly.
The second joke is the Maritime Hall advert. Look closely at the second event following Convergence III.

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BEN: "Mos Eisley Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."
-Star Wars, 4th draft