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Don't forget to click on the images to get larger scans. If you can identify people in the photos whom I've not named (especially yourself), notify me at so I can make the corrections. As any nightcluber will understand, I remember everyone I met but not even half the names I was given.

Friday night

- I met the members of the band Seraphim Gothique in Chicago for the first Convergence. I sort of stumbled into their hotel room while I was looking for a friend in the hallways. I ran into them again in the same fashion as I was looking for EdVamp. Julie Bloo was jumping up and down on the bed squealing, and I reaquainted myself with everyone -- they remembered my name but that's about it. Pictured are Bysshe, Tycho, EdVamp, Aaron, Bridget with Julie Bloo under her chin, and Web. Julie and I later used her leash for playing jumprope at Maritime Hall.

- My most favouritest photo ever, and I even knew it would work before I saw it printed! Walking out of the BART, it struck me that we're marching out to do a job, much like Resevoir Dogs. I said so to myself, ran ahead and took the shot. Sometimes, it just feels right. Click on this thumbnail, then click on the photo at the top of this page from Dogs, and compare. Aaron must have heard me mutter, or he sensed the same thing I did, because he brought his hand up like Mr. Blonde in the famous movie photo. Aaron, you rule. Pictured are Aaron, Tycho, Brian Cherry, Quinne, John, Bysshe, Lucy, EdVamp, Stephanie, and Web. ...none of us are Mr. Black.
See this photo "resevoir.goths" really huge.

- This shot was an attempt to get Jhonen Vasquez captured on film, because I'm a drooling fanboy of his work on JtHM. I put my fanboy attitude aside long enough Friday to talk to him like a normal human being about the video camera and wireless mike he was using... was he making the C3 video that TJ mentioned on the list? Also pictured are the lady I followed into the clothing shop where the angel was, someone parusing the Carpe Noctem table, and someone wearing a NIN teeshirt whom I don't recognize. (Jamie Z says it's David King, employment slave to Death Guild, Labyrinth and the Trocadero)

- This is the Carpe Noctem table and Tamarah, seen through the eyes of a man whose camera is having a seizure. Shaky hand, slow shutter speed, nice effect if I could have done it on purpose.

- I decided to move the fashion show to a separate page -

- Did I mention tebby was a favourite subject? Here he is ready to get inebriated -- a state he valiantly defended to maintain. This shot catches how feminine his image is, his love of booze, all in a rare moment of quiet.
See a bigger version of this picture.

- Ratty/Tamera in her tutu, and Alicia thanking the fashion industry for their contributions. I had to get a shot of what Tamara was wearing that night, because (at least) three men confided in me that night how fetching she appeared... one was even in a quandry because he had a girlfriend back home. I was told Monday morning how Tamara would have responded if any of the desires I heard were offered to her during C3, and I smirked out loud.

- Lucy with her eyes closed, the amazing Griffin of Unspun Records and an unidentified woman as his companion (Francis?). Griffin and I met last time I was in San Francisco. He introduced me to Battery, and set me to find the Shut-Up Kitty compilation when I got home. I saw him briefly in Toronto when he was working as roadie for Switchblade Symphony. <plug> These days you can find him and his excellent music at the vendor's alcove Tuesday nights at Roderick's Chamber. </plug>

- - -
The band The Razor Skyline.

- The shapely couple from a07.jpg, Posing for me with a friend. I felt a bit like paparattzi [sp?], but this couple was very tolerating of my camera fetish. Oh his right stands [who?]. Is that all you have to say? There's all this empty space here! Well, what do you suggest, that I fill it with some sort of arguement? Yeah!, wait, nevermind.

- Ah, an example of how using ambient light can go very very... very. Wrapped in the powerful halo is Maria of the band Battery, pointing at EdVamp and demanding him to get "On Your Knees!" after he pleaded out loud for an encore. I didn't see if EdVamp did get down on his knees. Any confirmations on Maria's skill as an onstage dom?

- Artsy fartsy again. The lighting for Battery was terrific for a stage show, but hell for photographs. So I faced away from the stage and saw how terrific the audience is lit up. This shot was to see if it would work, and I've got a great photo of somebody who was in the audience, smack in the center of the photo. Lucy and Griffin are visible again in the back.

- Another experiment in lighting. The last shot was without a flash, and this shot was with a flash. When I looked into that corner I saw only the rightmost person sitting down and the rest was pitch black. The flash lit everything up remarkably well, and also washed out everyone's face. This shot, however, is not as bad as the contest shot coming up.

- A stunning portrait of Michael, complete with the pweter mug for drinking strange red sodapop with Altoids in it. When I mentioned him to people before I knew his name, I refered to him as "tall, goth and handsome" and people knew right away who I was talking about... he's a giant. A well dressed giant, with eyes that look eerie on film even when he's not looking at the camera. They look fine in real life... *sigh*.
See a bigger version of this picture.

- Now here's where I feel like paparattzi. Outside Maritime Hall, waiting for the shuttle busses that aren't coming (those shuttlebus bastards), I've caught six faces with emotions from happy to pensive to bored. The only person in focus is John, who is happily chatting up someone female (I think, never can tell with those goth weirdos). None of us were comfortable, being told by Maritime Hall security to get off their property and fit over a hundred of us on the sidewalk of a streetcorner, and also getting runners to the payphones to call for taxi-vans.
Brian Cherry wrote to say "...John is talking to Narnia. This is the actual moment when we finally saw the elusive one. And the back of my head is visible from behind Ed."

Friday was when we knew we were in for an adventure. Julie Bloo and I played skip rope in the dark with our chains, while tebby, Caracjou and others (identify yourselves by email!) dared to join us.

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"When you get up in the morning, how do you decide what shade of black to wear?" -Ewan McGregor, Shallow Grave