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Don't forget to click on the images to get larger scans. If you can identify people in the photos whom I've not named (especially yourself), notify me at so I can make the corrections. As any nightcluber will understand, I remember everyone I met but not even half the names I was given.

HateHaight Street

- We took the bus to get to Haight Street. I walked it last time, and my calves look like steer. Pictured are Brian, Lucy, EdVamp, Staphanie, John, and some more people who aren't dressed in black so they couldn't possibly be important. They were Waiting for the bus and waiting for me to get some chinese takeout. The bus is waiting for me to stop standing in front of it while I take this photo. Funny how they know when you have insurance.

- So the gang are inside Wreckless Records, taking advantage of the discount our tickets give us. I'm not in a buying mood so I hang out in front. I spy two men dressed in black, one with a camera, and I know right away that they've got Convergence III tickets. kellin of EFnet/Narin of Los Angeles, the gentleman on the left, I met many more times over the weekend. The other man had a SLR camera that I quietly lusted after.

- "Don't take my picture! I look awful," said Sara, who is on the right. Marina/Chesire on the left encouraged me, but who could resist temptation like this? I caught her by surprise, and (as you can't see with this scan) it is the best picture of a person in the whole roll. The gamma correction washed out her face -- the print looks great, trust me.

- A Tourist Landmark, the corner of Haight-Ashbury, Mecca to the decaying subculture of hippies... oh, I can't look at myself if I lie to you. This was a tourist snapshot. Really. I apologize. Brian is the only one I can identify, standing next to the pole, with someone important on his right. ...let's move on. (Brian sent mail, saying it was EdVamp on the with Lucy in front)

- - -
These three shots are a study of the angel in a secondhand shop on Haight west of Ashbury. When I took the a15.jpg shot, I was punished by loosing the group I was with. Luckily John was still looking in a bookstore, so I tagged along with him to find "Darjeeling" (as in the tea, which is not where we were supposed to go). We stepped into a few places, I spotted a goth lady (Jamie Z says it's Margo of Reckless Records) walking into a store, and John wanted to investigate. When I spotted the angel, I asked if I could take pictures. I'd give you a treasure map to find the angel if I remembered where it was. (Jamie Z also said "I covet that angel..." It's in Wasteland, a block from Villian's)

- I needed to finish the roll of 400 ASA so I could load the high-speed film for tonight at Maritime Hall. So, as usual, I resort to my artsy-fartsy appetites to waste perfectly good film. This Vertical Landscape wasn't so bad...

- -
...but these were. They looked so cool through the viewfinder, really! Must remember the viewfinder only works if the subject is more than a foot away. That's Stephanie's hand in the first shot, and we're at a Chinese restaurant on Broadway in Oakland that advertised 99 cent entrees.

- Must use up the film, and fast! At the Oakland Mariott we're waiting for rides to get to the Maritime Hall. From left to right are: Gerby's hair; the warm and charming Sara for whom I will go to Hell because I didn't remember her name; one of my favourite subjects, tebby; and [who?] whom I did not meet but he must be very important because he's one of the men in black.

- Must use upt the film, and fast! At the Oakland Mariott we're waiting for ... deja vu? Nevermind. It's the last shot on this roll. Four people whom I could name if my memory were ededic... eideadic... um, photographic.

I wasn't allowed to take photos inside of DalJeets (not Darjeeling), which was your standard-issue boots and fetish clothing shop. Penis prisons, thigh-high boots you wern't allowed to touch, skimpy lacy things for women and rubber (as in inner-tube) trousers for men. I got myself some wine-and- black striped nylons for that night, and [who?] (rightmost face in a03.jpg) got some gnarly wrestler boots.

Taking the a15.jpg shot wasn't the only time I lost my companions... I also got left behind at DalBoots and nearly at Shadow of the Gargoyle when I wanted to look for the other goth shoppe I remember from when I was in San Fran months ago. I guess the other one shut down. Still, must see places are the Anarchist Bookstore for their 'zines and gonzo non-fiction, and Anubis Warpus for their magazines and fashion accessories. EdVamp got the last issue of Blue Blood, and they were already sold out of Skin Two (so I couldn't look for the photo of [who?] See a07.jpg). grumble.

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Mok: Zip, try to realize, there is no black or white, good or evil. We've evolved beyond that.
Zip: Yah yah yah, but Uncle Mikey says we should --
Mok: We all should have our own, personal view of right and wrong.
Zip: But is what we are doing evil?
Mok: Of course not! Remember Zip, "evil" spelled backwards is "live," and we all want to do that.
Zip: Oh yah yah yah, but Uncle Mikey says --
Mok: [grabs Uncle Mikey doll] Zip, Zip, Zip. No Santa Claus, no Tooth Fairy, and No Uncle Mikey.
- Rock and Rule

If you have any images, sound samples, whatever from this movie, I will clean your boots with my toothbrush to get them, especially for the original version of the movie where Omar is a serious jerk and the video game at Mylar's says 'You loose, cowboy' instead of 'No replay.'