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Don't forget to click on the images, even the non-photo on this page which to get larger scans. If you can identify people in these photos, then don't bother mailing me. These sure as hell aren't the droids I'm looking for.

San Francisco

Very quickly, since these have to do with San Francisco and not Convergence III, going left to right and down:
  • Buildings in San Fran sometimes need to have structural supports on the outside, like an exoskeleton.
  • "San Francisco Gun Exchange." 'nuff said.
  • This man is holding a sign which read "I need 99 cents more to pay for my wife's ransom." I gave him a dollar, took the picture sitting down, and cursed the crappy photo lab for cropping the print.
  • The wheelchaired clown is the subject of the photo. My fault this time.
  • Billboards advertising for hepatitis. I thought it said "Get hep, get tested..."
  • No, I did not see what is behind The Green Door. Should I have?
  • Remarkable. Toronto's Market Street (called "Younge" in metric) also has these day-long chess sessions.
  • Last one on the right is the flyer that So What put up. If we were welcome, why did we have to pay a second price to get into a nightclub in the same building? There's a link there for a better detailed scan.
detail of d16.jpg

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"In one hand he held molly flowers, that had power over her kind, and in his other hand held her scroll.
'Which one are you?' he had asked her.
'Calliope,' she told him.
'Kall-i-oh-pee,' he had echoed, as if he were tasting her name. And then he smiled. 'Well,' he said, 'you can call me Master.'
And then he burned her scroll.
-Calliope, Neil Gaiman (reprinted from The Sandman)