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If you've seen Blade Runner, then you've seen the neat visual trick they pulled with the shining eyes. Every replicant, even the owl, has a strange glow in the eyes that was done without Spawn-like computer graphics. The principle is simple, and you'll see it in cats very often. If you want a better look at my examples, the small pictures are linked to larger scans that I made for this page.

- The retnia of the eye reflects some light. If you shine a bright light into someone's eyes and stand in the right place, the light will pass through the jelly that fills your eyeball [aquaeous humour?], reflect, pass through again and get to your eye. The effect is an inner glow that is tinted red by the blood vessels in the retnia.

- This effect is seen very commonly in photo snapshots taken with a flash, where the subject is looking directly into the camera. It's usually called a temporary demonic possession, and everyone has a nice chuckle over it. It has a habit of appearing in ironic photos, such as church choir, christmas celebrations, carving the Thanksgiving turkey, or a happy family goat vivsection.

- So, what's my point? The effect only happens if you're looking directly into the camera (see a04.jpg). The lady and gentleman pictured on this page were not looking into my camera, nor the flash, _and_ in every photograph I have of them there is the glowing effect. If you were to meet either of these people in person, you would admit that they have wonderful eyes. I didn't see them glowing until the photographs... was I sucseptible to a mind-clouding influence so I wouldn't notice that these two aren't just beautiful, but constructed to be so good looking?

- Well... no. I enjoy conspiracy theory as much as the next neurotic bald drug abusing Oliver-Stone watching manic bi-polar tax accountant. Still, at 2am on a friday night it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you want to claim that there were replicants at C3 I can offer you some of the evidence, and I'll buy a ticket to see Blade Runner with you at the local rep theatre.

Michael, and lady fashion-model, I hope you don't mind this fun I've had with the strange quality your eyes share. For the record, I'm not a tax accountant.

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