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Don't forget to click on the images to get larger scans. If you can identify people in the photos whom I've not named (especially yourself), notify me at so I can make the corrections. As any nightcluber will understand, I remember everyone I met but not even half the names I was given.

Saturday night

- There wasn't enough room for Brian to take all of us to Maritime Hall, so I offered to make my own way since I'm the most familiar with San Francisco of the people on the Spawn trip. Robin (pictured leftmost here) offered to accompany me, thinking I had a car. When we got down to the BART platform, I saw a frightening scene of freaks of nature calling out my name... but we're all part of the forces of evil so it's okay. Much singing of randy nursery ryhmes and girlscouts songs later, we boared to terrorize people on the train. Pictured are Robin, tebby, Tia? with the white face (I didn't use a flash, honest), a hidden John, Gerby, and Lucy's head obscuring Brian's head.

- Had to get a shot of the man with the top hat and the checkerboard face. Was he inspired by Neil Gaiman's A Game Of You, Alice in Wonderland, or just the coolness in asymetric makeup art? I know not the names of any of the three people pictured, so help me out here. Venter confesses he is the painted dandy, and he didn't think of Neil Gaiman, but someone thought to write "sex kitten" on the unpainted side. Elise from Berkeley looks up, Jen from Cincinatti looks down. (26 Nov 1997)

- - -
The band Seraphim Gothique.
Not just terrific partiers, but good Texas (!) goth music and skimpy outfits for the lead singer. These are my best band shots ever, especially Quinne's and Bysshe's. People were pouting over the fact that someone else already got my duplicate prints. Pity I didn't get Tycho and his creeping drumkit.
- - -

- I don't know who he is. He just looked good so I took a photo. The exit sign floating in the background is a nice touch. I could have used a flash, though. Not every photo is going to turn out but since there's enough of him to identify then the photo isn't so bad that I threw it out. Can anyone identify this dandy man with the cane and top hat?
Adrian/Dorian Doom answers: "Not to, but the of course, quote Adam Ant "'I'm the dandy highwayman'". Dorian Doom is from NYC and the band "Fade to Grey"

- Once again, someone who can't follow instructions and take photos from the front pouch. Yeah, still, I can barely see three faces from the negative, so they must be three popular people. (11 Aug 1997)

- Someone insisted I take a photo of the goth viking, called that because of the nordic face and blonde braided pigtails. I let my arm get twisted and here are quite a few faces of people I didn't meet. I think Aaron Wooster is in the back by the door, and the man facing away with red hair is someone I noticed earlier and at Rodericks, but I never spoke to him. Pictured left to right are: red-hair?, [who?], SlutBoy, blonde?, Aaron?, and the viking. No, I don't have any names -- I was on my third (= sixth in metric) rum and coke at this point.
(Brian Cherry says that red-hair came from Australia! I'd heard he broke the record for longest distance travelled.)

- Why weren't there any other '20s period costume, or appropriate funeral dressed people (complete with veil)? The anhk business started with the Bohemians, [rant rave blather]. The two refined ladies on the left plesantly agreed to pose for my camera in front of the Blackened Angels display, and then we spoke for a time on fashion. I'd love to go to tea, discuss the recent finds from Egypt and other bohemian topics in the parlour! I didn't ask their names and it's just as well since I'm here up north. I have no idea who the person third from right is, and the leftmost I think is a vendor who got caught in the shot.
Wiwaixa wrote me (13 Aug 1997) to say that these ladies have been part of the San Fran goth scene since the 1980's, and they run the nightclub known as "Sanctuary." It's wets my appetite even more to share a parlour and conversation, to see what I might learn. I missed the period costumes at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Sunday.

- So many meanings to this photo. Meeting a group that identified themselves as EFnet IRC users (I'm Undernet IRC), with John Adams/netik, DT wearing a Sanctuary tee-shirt from my hometown and his ex-home (happily living in San fran now), and Anubis/Aerin whose boots I would kiss for her authorship of grufti the bot. Well, she wasn't the sole author or codewriter, but I still kneeled before her and kissed the hem of her dress in a show of my respect. She's pretty and smiles well too, so putting myself at her disposal was an ad-lib. Pity she didn't take me up on my offer of servitude.

The photos of Sub Version will be posted when I get told why C3 officials weren't allowed to take pictures, nor use the videoscreen during performance. Since I didn't use a flash, nobody noticed to tell me to stop.

- - - -
This Ascension played last this night. I was on my fourth rum n coke (but the bartender was pouring me doubles, so that's eight) and my memory is a little fuzzy. The white pillar looked great unless you were standing right up at the stage, and I remember thinking how odd to see mambo drums at a concert of mostly synthesized and electric music. Oh god, I was getting my fifth (tenth) rum n coke when I was thinking that.

There were no photos taken of the after party, solely because I ran out of film. It's always the case that the best shots happen after the film's run out, and I wonder if I might have not been the human chemistry set at the Oakland Mariott. I was told, after waking up sitting crosslegged in someone's bathroom, that after I blacked out passing champange around to toast C3, that I had downed absinthe, red wine by the pint, champange, Guiness beer, and some unidentified brightly coloured cocktails.

I embarassed myself by needing to be carried to a room in a baggage cart by Petro and Michael (I'm told), and I was in great physical pain the next day on Haight Street with Nebelhexa and Eriktik, unable to keep even liquid food down. (So why do you keep telling people this story if you're embarassed about it?) To remind myself to be more moderate in drinking, and because I do point and laugh at myself when I do really stupid things, like climb the CN Tower by running (stopped to puke at 370 feet), or drive on the highway in second gear and wonder why the gas ran out so quickly.

Thank you Petro and Michael and Nebelhexa and Eriktik for making sure I was okay.

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