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Don't forget to click on the images to get larger scans. If you can identify people in the photos whom I've not named (especially yourself), notify me at so I can make the corrections. As any nightcluber will understand, I remember everyone I met but not even half the names I was given.
The Clown picture was taken from's screening room, where I also found a picture of Angela (who did a cameo) and Jessica "God that outfit must be tight" Priest.

Off to see Spawn

- First we had to gather our forces, which included a trip to fetch Eriktik and Nebelhexa from their hotel room. Pictured are Nebelhexa, Web, and tebby, who are enjoying Eriktik's surprising skill at tying balloons into artforms. Initially EdVamp told me to get down here because Eriktik made him "my own, personal, balloon jesus."

- Yeah, same position, same people, but look! Nebelhexa is holding one of the famous Eriktik balloons! It's... um, [squint] a Harley motorcycle. Eriktik also made a chainsaw and a big purple penis (uncircumsized) with testes. (Why didn't you take pictures of Eriktik with the balloons?) I... uh, damn.

- First picture with the intriguing FireWield/Brian in it, there's Gerby, and you can sorta see the purple inflatable uncircumsized penis because tebby was waving it in my face. I'd suggested a balloon vagina for the penis, and Eriktik complied while I was taking this shot -- complete with an itty-bitty clitty.

- We split into two groups to get into cars and head over to see Spawn in the centre of wild Oakland. I'm certain you've heard or will hear fallout from that adventure, including the now-famous freaks quote. On the way over, Brian and I got all cuddly in the back seat, and I asked Nebelhexa to take a photo of "this scene of domestic bliss." Yay, Gerby.

- Here's the well-known and much asked for sunlight photo of when we exited from the movie theatre. I was protected with my welding goggles, Web spends too much time in sunlight anyways (you should see his hawaiian shirts), but everyone else was staggering under the bright light after being in the dark dark theatre. Okay, so they're hamming it up a little here, but when I opened the door my friends really did stagger as if struck by a blow.
Someone took my second print of this! I told you to take photos from the front pouch. I'll get a new print done later (11 Aug 1997)

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VANESSA: Stay with me tonight! Don't let them take me back to that cave!
SARAH: Look... you're my sister. And I still love you. But I ain't sleeping with no vampire!
- taken from a working draft of The Lost Boys II.