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Convergence IV: Toronto


(Hey, wake up. They're back.)

Hm... lemmie sleep for a while longer Mom....

(If you're gonna be that way, then I'll be the one giving *you* spankings. Now wake up. They're here for the photos.)

Photos? Oh! Oh yeah! Convergence IV was this summer. I just got the CD's in from the lab (1998-10-03) and I've been marching through them, not able to get anything else really done since. Siobhan was impressed by the web site I did last year and asked me to do it again. This time around I shot seventeen rolls of film instead of four or five, and I had two cameras in case one of them busted (which did happen on Saturday night).

(1998-09-26) Fixed the picture of Dionysia and Lady B and also wrote some Javascript code so looking at pictures no longer involves ugly grey things. There's room to improve, that's always a for sure. Greets to Narnia, Dionysia, Macross, timly græ, Sheryl, siobhan, Mist, Rhea's Obsession, and Antonesque and Mystress Prynne for sending me mail about the site.

(1998-09-17) Macross has some space reserved now. I'll upload it to him right away, especially since I got the Friday- Saturday- Sunday listings done now. Should I put in an Easter Egg like the handful I put in my C3 website? Erm... Tell you what, you'll know if you found the C4 Easter Egg because it will be dated September 1st, 1998. When you get there, take care, since some material may be adult in nature.

(1998-09-10) The fourth CD is in, and no longer will you have to navigate raw directories. I've also added a Testimonials section.

(1998-09-01) Before you browse these [files on the Third CD], you should know that a couple of the rolls seem to have gotten buggered up, all green and fuzzy. I'd accuse myself if the Clinton's photos from the first CD didn't look so good.

...oh, wait, I remember now. It *is* my fault because I forgot to mark some of the rolls of film to be push-processed. My bad. I guess this means I didn't get the "goth prom dates" picture at the Marche. Damn damn Damn.

No frames? No problem., here's the menu that's in the top frame.

C4 menu imagemap