Convergence IV: Toronto


As each event goes by, more and more people take it upon themselves to chronicle the event. Only fair to share the limelight with everyone.

(You're just saying that because you don't want to look competitive)

Shush. I couldn't take photos of everything; especially when I missed out on the trip to Casa Loma. - The C4 Memorial Web Site
What remains of the offical C4 website. Siobhan still maintains it. - Sola's C4 WebRing
Where you can walk a path of C4 sites admist the snarls of hyperlink networks and word-of-mouth advertising. - Macross's C4 Travel Page
You think his web page is just helpful? "I've never met someone who is so useful! ...I bet he could take apart this motel with what's in his pockets." -Sarah Bin
The silent axel that the Ontario (net.)goth scene revolves around. If she hasn't heard about it yet, you're the only one who has.
Black Dasies
One of the artists who did the delicious original artwork for C4. You'll notice that my own website uses stolen art -- hers does not. - #gawth memories
Courtesy of Sairoc of #gawth - moses goes to C4
I'm big-M Moses; she's cute-m moses. We met four years ago in Chicago, and figured out that she's the first moses net.goth, but I was called Moses long before her. If you have to ask, I'm the "other" one. - Mr. Christian
One half of my fave goth couple during the weekend; shooting in black and white
[ this spot reserved for Macross when he gets his photos together ]
... he never did. - Ruhiel's memories
Hello Ruhiel! - The Gruamach
... "gothcop"? For real? - Habib of the Motor Hotel
Something about a night guard at the motel and video footage? - TARouge
"Thanks to everyone who helped in identifying the people in these pictures." - timly græ
One of the other photo monsters during the weekend. - Lady Yosa's Gallery
Clicking her black pointed skull-buckle boots, she chanted "There's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

Items I've saved from alt.gothic (in no particular order, nor complete).
The Quotes of C4
One of many quotes pages... but where are the rest? - Tristian's Convergence 4 Diary
"What follows is a highly personal, sometimes painfully introspective, frequently philosophical diary of my experiences at Convergence 4." (link broken when I checked at 2002-06-05) - Mistress Prynne
The other half of my fave goth couple. (qv.: Mr. Christian) - Dispatches
Wherein Zoe wrote an article about her experiences at C4.