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Some of us left the Karaoke bar for a bite to eat. We found a pub two blocks south of the Karaoke place. This is Wendi/Artemis/Boadicea, seated for a meal. Ask her the story about 'ah, but is Fross fuckable?' story for something embarassing I did after taking this photo.
"thursday artemis boadicea"
No, Artemis did not drink all of those. Her consort, TeeTok, is in the photo, likely fantasizing about yoghurt (no, really).
"friday hotel drinking artemis boadicea couples teetok azathoth"
Astrid sees that Artemis is not amused.
"friday hotel drinking astrid artemis boadicea"
Must take a rest from shopping, especially since Fross contracted some deviant trans-Atlantic flu bug.
"saturday merchants artemis boadicea teetok fross micol"
British invasion.
"sunday townhall micol jenni4 fross artemis boadicea teetok azathoth"
Spotted friends in the lineup. TeeTok, Artemis, Pained, and one person who probably doesn't like cameras.
"sunday showbox_line artemis boadicea teetok azathoth pained who"
On the right is Artemis, whose magical corset bestowed upon her the largest tracks of land I've seen with my own eyes. (and I told her so when I took the photo). On the left is Opium, like laughing at me (and why not?)
"sunday showbox artemis opium"

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