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First official morning of drinking. Fross was nice enough to buy a round (huzzah!). No, I don't remember the other two names. I'm awful. 2:1 ratio again for the picture. I'm really liking the composition possibilities.
"friday hotel drinking fross who"
No, Artemis did not drink all of those. Her consort, TeeTok, is in the photo, likely fantasizing about yoghurt (no, really).
"friday hotel drinking artemis boadicea couples teetok azathoth"
D'oh. Natalie reading the comic 'Oh My Goth!', written by New York's Voltaire.
"friday hotel drinking natalie who"
"Son, if you're going to get anywhere in this world, you need a good suit. To be important, you gotta look important, and to look important you need a good suit. You look important, people will think you're important and put you in important positions where you will be important." That's not the chorus of his joke, but before his shaggy dog story was over we were all chanting it with him. Fun guy.
"friday hotel drinking crab"
Maxi holding a little thing up, Tony and Alanja of SLC, Utah.
"friday hotel drinking maxi tony alanja"
Astrid (looking very french model-like) and Sable
"friday hotel drinking astrid sable"
Astrid sees that Artemis is not amused.
"friday hotel drinking astrid artemis boadicea"
Good picture of Fross
"friday fross"
I forgot I took this picture. Carla Holley says "Flaming redhead Leeny, baldheaded Ogre, doorman at the Vogue. don't know who's got the purple hair... then Dennis(DarkSabbat) with the long blonde hair, the fabulous Jamie again in mesh, and dark-haired missy beside him is Sadee (Dennis' wife) ... don't know the others."
"friday townhall crowd leeny ogre dennis darksabbat jamie sadee who"
?, Monica's sister, Steve with kewl hair (Astrid met him and said the person is also kewl), and ?.
"friday hotel steve couples who"
Steph and silentq in the foreground, outside TownHall. I can't tell if it's out of focus or slightly overexposed.
"friday greet silentq townhall stephanie"
Detail of B00010, and cleaned up some. She hates cameras, so it's not easy for me to take a picture of her without tensing up. I like this one, even with the greengray grainy. If someone can tell me how to clean it up, I'll get to work with the 1586x1024 original to improve this shot.
"friday silentq artsy"
C-Ko, protestgoth. That's a Sushi chef on her shirt telling you to mobilize for global justice. She's also a volunteer working the weekend, thus the red 'I give blood' button.
"friday greet cko cko"
a couple I thought looked cool sitting on the pew. Michael Barrick id'd them as Dwight and Melanie, friends of his girlfriend.
"friday greet couples dwight melanie"
two exotics I saw, and a miscreant arm in the way. I used the flash for this one since I needed it in that hallway. The taller one reminds me of someone (aside from atypical corporategoth). I'll mention it later.
"friday greet who"
Sable with a Sisters lunchbox, and someone corseted and in velvet. They're watching some gypsy dancers (I didn't bother taking photos of them, since I couldn't get a good spot and everyone else was taking photos anyways).
"friday greet who"
Goths? Getting organized? Get outta here. First sighting of Macross (turned away, centre), Siobhan (small head to his right), and scottish Louise from Toronto (recognizable with the top hat). Macross says "the fellow next to me is TSM, the blonde guy with the beard next to Louise is Albatross." uroboros says "The one at the far right edge of the picture in the thigh-high boots is me."
"friday greet macross siobhan louise tsm albatross uroboros crowd"
cute couple, eh? It's Absinthe and her fiancee, Dave.
"friday greet couples absinthe who"
Also cute couple. Astrid in the corset I got her for her birthday (made by Nicole Cooper, Toronto,, totally unpaid for plug), and first sighting of Jett Black. I didn't see much of Jett in New Orleans, but we spent some time in Seattle... even though he probably remembers little of it (lack of sleep and hard work, not booze). I've got a *great* picture of Jett in Toronto for C4:
"friday hotel astrid jett_black couples"
Astrid posing for me. Her skin tone is a bit washed out, but there's no denying she looks sexy. The gloves, satin. The clothes, plastic. The choker, leather.
"friday hotel astrid fetish artsy"
Krista and the avacado man. After this shot he tried to enlighten me on the virtues of avacodos. I learned if you put the avacodo seed into your guachamole, it won't spoil overnight like it usually does. He tried other times to enlighten me on avacados and other topics during the weekend, even telling me to 'shut up' so I would pay attention. (shrug) whatever.
"friday hotel krista avacado couples"
Good couple shot of Keith and Kendra from Milwaulkie. I did some photo fudgery to make for an even background (right and left sides used to be the elevator and a luggage carrier. You'll notice I didn't put back the reflected light you see in B00021). Wish I could print this.
"friday hotel keith kendra artsy couples"
Oh yeah. This is why I like not using a flash.
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes"
I should get a bloody award for this one, IMNSHO
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes melody natalia"
Argued with Astrid about how to crop this. I wanted the two to be balanced, like a mirror. Tried it, Astrid said it was "static." M: "Um, that's bad, right?" S: "Putting something dead centre makes it static" M: "But there's nothing in the centre... oh." and then I remembered her telling me about negative space, and also Scott Mcloud's "Understanding Comics". It's slightly off-centre now.
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes melody natalia"
Another lesson from Astrid, about cropping is cutting away extraneous information. This is actually less than a third of the original photo, but it has all of the information/subjects in this third... the stage clutter removed.
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes"
Crowd scene. I think people don't notice that a well-lit stage means well-lit people. Hell, take a look at the photos I did at C3 of the audience ( actually, maybe not. Some of these photos aren't the greatest, but hey, I'm three years older and wiser now.
"friday catwalk"
This is actually the best I could do for restoring a pretty bad picture. See C00007_orig for a sample of part of the original and you'll see I didn't do a bad job of tweaking it. Thank ghod for digital image editing, else this lady's posing for me in the Catwalk would've been wasted.
"friday catwalk who artsy"
angel wings. I used a flash, which had the unfortunate effect of shining off her right shoulder, washing out the tattoo there. I saw at least three women (likely more, I was drinking) with winged tatoos, much like the advertisements I've seen in HMV. A fad, I guess, but I can't see wings going out of style... the dark suit with tails never did.
"friday catwalk who artsy"
Psyche in the Catwalk. Used a flash again, mostly because my fave good lighting spot (which wasn't good, as C00007,8,10,11 proved) was occupied. Again she's all washed out. I can't tell if there's something right or something wrong about this photo, but certainly a je ne c'est quoi. Psyche mailed me later (2000-08-29) to say it's her favourite photo, so I guess there's something right.
"friday catwalk psyche"
Siobhan, silentq and Steph. I like, no, I love this one. Same green-gray graininess as C00007, so more smoothing and noise filters and greyscale picture, but this time I added a uniform amount of noise to balance how noisy it was in lighter areas but not shadow -- the eye seems to smooth out the uniform noise, making it vanish in my mind's eye.... or maybe I'm being to artsy-fartsy. I'm glad I got a good picture of Siobhan. I think this photo has her looking handsome.
"friday catwalk siobhan silentq stephanie artsy"
something about sitting people. I dunno. C5 has a terrific shot of ^batty^ kneeling that reminds me of this picture, only the C5 shot was done better.
"friday catwalk batty who"
Metamorph, Hardrock and Omar.
"friday catwalk metamorph hardrock omar"
?, but snappy dresser. This photo and C00014 were really grainy and completely red, but I managed to pull something out. Maybe the pix weren't worth it. You be the judge.
"friday catwalk who"
Yeah, okay, the dress is straight outta SkinTwo and I was distracted. I actually painted out a lot of superfluous detail that the flash included by accident.
"friday catwalk fetish naomi michael"
grayscaled because of green noise.
"friday catwalk band who"
Not much noise, works out kinda nice. Composition may be spread out too much.
"friday catwalk band who"
Decided to keep the red colour. Played with the noise by filtering most of it out, adding some uniform noise and then smoothing the whole thing. Worked out okay. I like the foreground-background contrast, maybe I could reuse this idea in a studio photo shot.
"friday catwalk band who"
She's not amused. Is it because she's being manhandled, or because she doesn't want evidence that this man is the one doing the handling?
"friday catwalk couples who"
Detail of the original. The motion-blur on the hand can't be avoided, but pretty small considering it was shot at 1/30s shutter speed (yup, even drunk I have a steady hand). No idea who she is.
"friday catwalk who"
Ah, this is Jo, from Germany. Met him the first afternoon, amidst the beermageddon that was happy hour in the hotel bar. We compared the poor quality of american beer and he suggested I should stick to Guiness. Good man. He kept popping up around me all weekend.
"friday catwalk jo"
thank you for posing!
"friday catwalk naomi"
the rubber nun that was talked about around the bar at the Catwalk, identified by Carla Holley as Stacy/Glitrgoth, who is a model for fetish fashions in Seattle.
"friday catwalk fetish stacy glitrgoth"
thank you for posing!
"friday catwalk fetish who"
ambient light is so much better on the street than in a bar. Nice shiny dress
"friday catwalk who"
cool makeup (sorry about the short descs. I'm keeping Lisa up because she's sleeping on the couch behind me, and it's 2:10am) Lady Elizabeth identified him as Brian.
"friday catwalk brian"
first sighting of Cusraque, indomitable in the party bus
"friday catwalk cusraque"
first traditional picture of Mistress Prynne and Edward. Ever since C4 in Toronto I hunt them down and make sure I get a photo of what they're wearing.
"friday hotel couples prynne edward"
GREEN! LeeNy thanked me later for taking this photo. I didn't get her name or email at the time, but she found me later and identified herself! The Internet brining people together.
"friday hotel leeny"
cute couple. (I got to be an assitant to Kore/Monica at C5 for the goth prom photos, and now it's rubbed off on me) Narrin identified them as brian and kelly (or is it celly? He's not sure).
"friday hotel couples brian celly kelly"
Yes, that's a kiss on his cheek. Just where is his right hand? AMy Lyn helpfully identified the couple as "Tart and ]["
"friday hotel_party couples tart "
John VerBerg, the Evil Chemist. "What? I didn't drink that, I was drinking somebody else's!"
"friday hotel_party verberg"
good looking man in chair, in hotel party. Lady Elizabeth identified him as Frank N. Furter (which puts me in an odd spot because he and I met at the Catwalk earlier that night).
"friday hotel_party frank_n_furter"
with beer, everybody is your friend.
"friday hotel_party couples drinking who"
DJ Arcanus, in what is probably the longest running gag in Convergence, my fascination with his hands. No joke, I think his hands are beautiful, but I think this photo shows that saying it every year for six years gets kinda old.
"friday hotel_party arcanus"
Jett Black, starting the partying night already slumped against a door in Spyder's room. That's not water he's drinking.
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room jett_black drinking who"
? and Steve and Brandon, listening intently
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room who steve brandon"
Spyder, lone turbotramp in Seattle, and host to the only free-smoke hotel party.
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room spyder"
Louise, scottish lass whom I can finally recognize without her top hat. ( and f0016.jpg)
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room louise drinking"
The non-spyder hotel party on Friday night... no, wait, there she is shouting from the hallway. Hardrock holds the door open and our hostess, the lil bl00 munchkin, looks on.
"friday hotel_party spyder hardrock lil_bl00_munchkin kris"
Spyder tries to get us out of her room by threatening to play the shameful music that _she_ likes, like [band name withdrawn by request]. This has the opposite intended effect on Metamorph, as she cries "kindred spirit!"
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room spyder metamorph"

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