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Oh yeah. This is why I like not using a flash.
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes"
I should get a bloody award for this one, IMNSHO
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes melody natalia"
Argued with Astrid about how to crop this. I wanted the two to be balanced, like a mirror. Tried it, Astrid said it was "static." M: "Um, that's bad, right?" S: "Putting something dead centre makes it static" M: "But there's nothing in the centre... oh." and then I remembered her telling me about negative space, and also Scott Mcloud's "Understanding Comics". It's slightly off-centre now.
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes melody natalia"
Another lesson from Astrid, about cropping is cutting away extraneous information. This is actually less than a third of the original photo, but it has all of the information/subjects in this third... the stage clutter removed.
"friday catwalk band unto_ashes"
Crowd scene. I think people don't notice that a well-lit stage means well-lit people. Hell, take a look at the photos I did at C3 of the audience ( actually, maybe not. Some of these photos aren't the greatest, but hey, I'm three years older and wiser now.
"friday catwalk"
This is actually the best I could do for restoring a pretty bad picture. See C00007_orig for a sample of part of the original and you'll see I didn't do a bad job of tweaking it. Thank ghod for digital image editing, else this lady's posing for me in the Catwalk would've been wasted.
"friday catwalk who artsy"
angel wings. I used a flash, which had the unfortunate effect of shining off her right shoulder, washing out the tattoo there. I saw at least three women (likely more, I was drinking) with winged tatoos, much like the advertisements I've seen in HMV. A fad, I guess, but I can't see wings going out of style... the dark suit with tails never did.
"friday catwalk who artsy"
Psyche in the Catwalk. Used a flash again, mostly because my fave good lighting spot (which wasn't good, as C00007,8,10,11 proved) was occupied. Again she's all washed out. I can't tell if there's something right or something wrong about this photo, but certainly a je ne c'est quoi. Psyche mailed me later (2000-08-29) to say it's her favourite photo, so I guess there's something right.
"friday catwalk psyche"
Siobhan, silentq and Steph. I like, no, I love this one. Same green-gray graininess as C00007, so more smoothing and noise filters and greyscale picture, but this time I added a uniform amount of noise to balance how noisy it was in lighter areas but not shadow -- the eye seems to smooth out the uniform noise, making it vanish in my mind's eye.... or maybe I'm being to artsy-fartsy. I'm glad I got a good picture of Siobhan. I think this photo has her looking handsome.
"friday catwalk siobhan silentq stephanie artsy"
something about sitting people. I dunno. C5 has a terrific shot of ^batty^ kneeling that reminds me of this picture, only the C5 shot was done better.
"friday catwalk batty who"
Metamorph, Hardrock and Omar.
"friday catwalk metamorph hardrock omar"
?, but snappy dresser. This photo and C00014 were really grainy and completely red, but I managed to pull something out. Maybe the pix weren't worth it. You be the judge.
"friday catwalk who"
Yeah, okay, the dress is straight outta SkinTwo and I was distracted. I actually painted out a lot of superfluous detail that the flash included by accident.
"friday catwalk fetish naomi michael"
grayscaled because of green noise.
"friday catwalk band who"
Not much noise, works out kinda nice. Composition may be spread out too much.
"friday catwalk band who"
Decided to keep the red colour. Played with the noise by filtering most of it out, adding some uniform noise and then smoothing the whole thing. Worked out okay. I like the foreground-background contrast, maybe I could reuse this idea in a studio photo shot.
"friday catwalk band who"
She's not amused. Is it because she's being manhandled, or because she doesn't want evidence that this man is the one doing the handling?
"friday catwalk couples who"
Detail of the original. The motion-blur on the hand can't be avoided, but pretty small considering it was shot at 1/30s shutter speed (yup, even drunk I have a steady hand). No idea who she is.
"friday catwalk who"
Ah, this is Jo, from Germany. Met him the first afternoon, amidst the beermageddon that was happy hour in the hotel bar. We compared the poor quality of american beer and he suggested I should stick to Guiness. Good man. He kept popping up around me all weekend.
"friday catwalk jo"
thank you for posing!
"friday catwalk naomi"
the rubber nun that was talked about around the bar at the Catwalk, identified by Carla Holley as Stacy/Glitrgoth, who is a model for fetish fashions in Seattle.
"friday catwalk fetish stacy glitrgoth"
thank you for posing!
"friday catwalk fetish who"
ambient light is so much better on the street than in a bar. Nice shiny dress
"friday catwalk who"
cool makeup (sorry about the short descs. I'm keeping Lisa up because she's sleeping on the couch behind me, and it's 2:10am) Lady Elizabeth identified him as Brian.
"friday catwalk brian"
first sighting of Cusraque, indomitable in the party bus
"friday catwalk cusraque"

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