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First official morning of drinking. Fross was nice enough to buy a round (huzzah!). No, I don't remember the other two names. I'm awful. 2:1 ratio again for the picture. I'm really liking the composition possibilities.
"friday hotel drinking fross who"
No, Artemis did not drink all of those. Her consort, TeeTok, is in the photo, likely fantasizing about yoghurt (no, really).
"friday hotel drinking artemis boadicea couples teetok azathoth"
D'oh. Natalie reading the comic 'Oh My Goth!', written by New York's Voltaire.
"friday hotel drinking natalie who"
"Son, if you're going to get anywhere in this world, you need a good suit. To be important, you gotta look important, and to look important you need a good suit. You look important, people will think you're important and put you in important positions where you will be important." That's not the chorus of his joke, but before his shaggy dog story was over we were all chanting it with him. Fun guy.
"friday hotel drinking crab"
Maxi holding a little thing up, Tony and Alanja of SLC, Utah.
"friday hotel drinking maxi tony alanja"
Astrid (looking very french model-like) and Sable
"friday hotel drinking astrid sable"
Astrid sees that Artemis is not amused.
"friday hotel drinking astrid artemis boadicea"
with beer, everybody is your friend.
"friday hotel_party couples drinking who"
Jett Black, starting the partying night already slumped against a door in Spyder's room. That's not water he's drinking.
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room jett_black drinking who"
Louise, scottish lass whom I can finally recognize without her top hat. ( and f0016.jpg)
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room louise drinking"

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