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Steph and silentq in the foreground, outside TownHall. I can't tell if it's out of focus or slightly overexposed.
"friday greet silentq townhall stephanie"
C-Ko, protestgoth. That's a Sushi chef on her shirt telling you to mobilize for global justice. She's also a volunteer working the weekend, thus the red 'I give blood' button.
"friday greet cko cko"
a couple I thought looked cool sitting on the pew. Michael Barrick id'd them as Dwight and Melanie, friends of his girlfriend.
"friday greet couples dwight melanie"
two exotics I saw, and a miscreant arm in the way. I used the flash for this one since I needed it in that hallway. The taller one reminds me of someone (aside from atypical corporategoth). I'll mention it later.
"friday greet who"
Sable with a Sisters lunchbox, and someone corseted and in velvet. They're watching some gypsy dancers (I didn't bother taking photos of them, since I couldn't get a good spot and everyone else was taking photos anyways).
"friday greet who"
Goths? Getting organized? Get outta here. First sighting of Macross (turned away, centre), Siobhan (small head to his right), and scottish Louise from Toronto (recognizable with the top hat). Macross says "the fellow next to me is TSM, the blonde guy with the beard next to Louise is Albatross." uroboros says "The one at the far right edge of the picture in the thigh-high boots is me."
"friday greet macross siobhan louise tsm albatross uroboros crowd"
cute couple, eh? It's Absinthe and her fiancee, Dave.
"friday greet couples absinthe who"

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