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Yes, that's a kiss on his cheek. Just where is his right hand? AMy Lyn helpfully identified the couple as "Tart and ]["
"friday hotel_party couples tart "
John VerBerg, the Evil Chemist. "What? I didn't drink that, I was drinking somebody else's!"
"friday hotel_party verberg"
good looking man in chair, in hotel party. Lady Elizabeth identified him as Frank N. Furter (which puts me in an odd spot because he and I met at the Catwalk earlier that night).
"friday hotel_party frank_n_furter"
with beer, everybody is your friend.
"friday hotel_party couples drinking who"
DJ Arcanus, in what is probably the longest running gag in Convergence, my fascination with his hands. No joke, I think his hands are beautiful, but I think this photo shows that saying it every year for six years gets kinda old.
"friday hotel_party arcanus"
Jett Black, starting the partying night already slumped against a door in Spyder's room. That's not water he's drinking.
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room jett_black drinking who"
? and Steve and Brandon, listening intently
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room who steve brandon"
Spyder, lone turbotramp in Seattle, and host to the only free-smoke hotel party.
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room spyder"
Louise, scottish lass whom I can finally recognize without her top hat. ( and f0016.jpg)
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room louise drinking"
The non-spyder hotel party on Friday night... no, wait, there she is shouting from the hallway. Hardrock holds the door open and our hostess, the lil bl00 munchkin, looks on.
"friday hotel_party spyder hardrock lil_bl00_munchkin kris"
Spyder tries to get us out of her room by threatening to play the shameful music that _she_ likes, like [band name withdrawn by request]. This has the opposite intended effect on Metamorph, as she cries "kindred spirit!"
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room spyder metamorph"

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