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hotel lobby. The graininess and artifacts really shows here in the blacks of people's leather and hair. A median_cut noise filter seems to do a good job without smearing detail like a smooth or blur filter would. Resizing it down to 600x400 will do as much smoothing as I should need. Trid identified the people, left to right, as Rafe, Algernon, Donya, Kiria, Inar, Trid, and Madame Archel
"thursday hotel rafe algernon donya kiria inar trid archel"
Rafe, pretty pale Kiria in hand with one of the better t-shirts on the weekend: 'Let the fucking begin'. Poor boy *finally* found that special someone, but she couldn't come. C6 is an aphrodisiac and the boy's sex toy was at home (and he was a good boy, never fear). The red button affixed to his forehead reads "Panic."
"thursday hotel_party couples rafe kiria"
C6 is not just an aphrodisiac, it also a backrub-isiac. Inar giving, Kiria gettting, Sable and Rafe reclining. I think Rafe's drinking some rasberrry brandy.
"thursday hotel_party sable rafe kiria inar"

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