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Goths? Getting organized? Get outta here. First sighting of Macross (turned away, centre), Siobhan (small head to his right), and scottish Louise from Toronto (recognizable with the top hat). Macross says "the fellow next to me is TSM, the blonde guy with the beard next to Louise is Albatross." uroboros says "The one at the far right edge of the picture in the thigh-high boots is me."
"friday greet macross siobhan louise tsm albatross uroboros crowd"
Detgoths and TOgoths. Art is gonna show me how the Great Lakes homies do things downtown. Um, left to right it's Art, Martin of Innis College, Stephanie (smooching), the reliable Jay, ? (see B00022), Macross (wearing a Transformers t-shirt), ? (but see B00022), Astrid. Rafe says: "The ?'s are Keith and Kendra, Milwaukeegoths".
"saturday seattle art keith kendra steph macross astrid couples"
Sara and Macross.
"saturday hotel macross couples sara"
Macross accepts his 'nice guy' award -- a toy motorcycle.
"sunday showbox macross"

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