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hotel lobby. The graininess and artifacts really shows here in the blacks of people's leather and hair. A median_cut noise filter seems to do a good job without smearing detail like a smooth or blur filter would. Resizing it down to 600x400 will do as much smoothing as I should need. Trid identified the people, left to right, as Rafe, Algernon, Donya, Kiria, Inar, Trid, and Madame Archel
"thursday hotel rafe algernon donya kiria inar trid archel"
Rafe, pretty pale Kiria in hand with one of the better t-shirts on the weekend: 'Let the fucking begin'. Poor boy *finally* found that special someone, but she couldn't come. C6 is an aphrodisiac and the boy's sex toy was at home (and he was a good boy, never fear). The red button affixed to his forehead reads "Panic."
"thursday hotel_party couples rafe kiria"
C6 is not just an aphrodisiac, it also a backrub-isiac. Inar giving, Kiria gettting, Sable and Rafe reclining. I think Rafe's drinking some rasberrry brandy.
"thursday hotel_party sable rafe kiria inar"
We're waiting at pier 56, and Rafe's showing off.
"saturday ferry pier rafe who"
Either: No, there is no escaping Rafe. Or: Let's see how this turbotramp can do 0-60 with a luggage rack.
"saturday hotel spyder rafe"
Let me get out of your way; now let the fucking begin.
"sunday rafe couples who"
Much better picture of Cliff. Yes, Rafe tends to get in front of my camera pretty often this weekend. Cliff and I didn't really connect this weekend... not really the fault of either of us. I was running around a lot, there are plenty of people I didn't see much of.
"sunday hotel rafe who clifford"
It's 2am now. I dunno what to say. Took the photo, the greengrain kinda ruins it (tried tweaking it by toning down the green 26% and the blue 48%). The natural position of the four elements make it interesting, but I'll have to find an art student to tell me why. Best viewed at half the size.
"sunday hotel rafe who"
see what I mean about it looking better at half the size?
"sunday hotel rafe who artsy"
Archie McFee's, and what we found there: - ? found a china umbrella and pirate's handbag - ? found a rubber chicken and crown of the gourd queen - Astrid found the Jesus action figure (from - Monica found the Syphilis lunchbox and wobbly-headed devil - Krista found heart deedlyboppers and rabbit ears - Rafe found something very small, so he's holding my fallout shelter Luckily I didn't get hit by traffic taking this photo
"sunday mcphee's who astrid monica krista rafe crowd"
Excellent! Didn't have to mess with this at all, and it had the desired effect. You can see the line-up we were forced to endure. I can identify Greg and Absinthe at the left of the picture. Rafe's colourful skirt is in there somewhere too. Rafe says "the big blonde guy next to me in the shirt that says
"sunday showbox_line absinthe crowd rafe ted who"
Rafe, in costume as... um, Rafe Rafe explains: "actually, i was dressed up as "God." The nametag reads: HELLO my name is: GOD. Have you seen Neitzsche?"
"sunday showbox costume rafe"

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