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"No Turn On Red" A cute couple photo of Brian and [CK]elly again.
"saturday couples brian celly kelly"
in the merchant's bazzar. I recognize Jo holding the flyer, and Jessie holding her hand up (see my photos of Chelsea Sunday night, in line for the ShowBox).
"saturday merchants jo chelsea"
"how much am I bid this chickenwire corset?"
"saturday merchants who"
lady attending at the Skin Two table. Okay, the photo is of her clothes and not her, but isn't Skin Two all about how clothes make the person?
"saturday merchants skin_two fetish"
shoppers. I don't remember what the point of this photo was.
"saturday merchants couples who"
Can you find Cossack in this picture? Taken by setting the focus and sticking my arms above my head before taking the shot.
"saturday merchants cossack cusraque hardrock"
Algernon said I needed the obligatory 'photographer taking a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo'. I can't deny this man anything.
"saturday merchants algernon"
Must take a rest from shopping, especially since Fross contracted some deviant trans-Atlantic flu bug.
"saturday merchants artemis boadicea teetok fross micol"
smoke break. Voltaire is hiding in the shadows (how goth).
"saturday merchants who voltaire"
Detgoths and TOgoths. Art is gonna show me how the Great Lakes homies do things downtown. Um, left to right it's Art, Martin of Innis College, Stephanie (smooching), the reliable Jay, ? (see B00022), Macross (wearing a Transformers t-shirt), ? (but see B00022), Astrid. Rafe says: "The ?'s are Keith and Kendra, Milwaukeegoths".
"saturday seattle art keith kendra steph macross astrid couples"
What the hell is it with Cossack climbing things and taking photos? I didn't bother giving him my camera -- he already had eight to deal with.
"saturday seattle cossack"
He looked good. Kinda reminds me of a guy I met in New Orleans.
"saturday seattle who"
Sara and Macross.
"saturday hotel macross couples sara"
Goths usually go against the grain, in a different direction. This was part of a bizarre walkabout saturday afternoon -- Astrid and I were wandering with a horde from Detroit and Toronto, but twice our horde collided with another horde of goths (or, if gulls are a 'flock', and rooks are a 'parliment', then technically another 'mope' of goths) and we were enticed to abandon the first horde to join the others. Holy ego boost and comfort. The mope of goths pictured includes Yosa in the red hair, the only person I can identify right away (sorry to the others).
"saturday seattle yosa who"
Individually shrink-wrapped shoes. What will you crazy americans think of next?!
"saturday seattle"
Seattle's Pike Market. Take the farmer's market in your local huge metropolis, and squeeze it until it oozes into a half-kilometer long and only 20 meters wide.
"saturday seattle pike market"
Astrid had to work at Starbuck's in Toronto to make ends meet. Here she is, standing at the first Starbuck's ever, showing her contempt for the company that forced her to service morons and jerks with aa smile.
"saturday seattle pike market starbucks astrid"
Do I need to spell this one out for you? "Open, Come In"
"saturday seattle astrid"
The tourist-plus-commericial centre of Seattle, it seems. If you're from Toronto, this place is like the corner of Younge & Dundas, only much cleaner and nicer looking with a fountain. Underneath where I stood were some people trying to teach the word of Christ to passers-by (I didn't stop to listen if they were legit or just prothelizing twits), but I did see a man walking in a circle about them, holding a sign aloft that read "JESUS! Please SAVE US from your followers!" I gave him the thumbs up, and he smiled in return.
"saturday seattle"
*sigh* It would've been a nice picture, but sometimes at the end of a roll this will happen if you misload film. I left it in just cause double-exposures are rare, even intentional ones.
"saturday seattle astrid"
We're waiting at pier 56, and Rafe's showing off.
"saturday ferry pier rafe who"
John "The Evil Chemist" VerBerg and a lady who I really aught to know the name of, and I have a horrible feeling she may be hurt that I don't know it right now. Amy Lyn helpfully suggested her name might be "Diana"
"saturday ferry pier verberg diana who"
Lollypop couple at the pier. Looks like Gwyrah and Lisa, but Gwyrah said it isn't. Jodi Mikesell says "This couple is Asia and Joey. They live in Tacoma, WA. Asia was one of my models for the fashion show."
"saturday ferry pier couples asia joey"
Crowd scene at pier 56. Another shot taken by holding my camera above my head and pointing it in hopefully the right direction.
"saturday ferry pier crowds"
I really aught to know the names of these people, or maybe not. I kept seeing the man on the right around all weekend, and I remember him from New Orleans, but maybe we weren't introduced. Not a cross- dresser, just looks good in women's clothes. (Carla Holley said the boy looking good on the right is Jamie... among the other things she said about him.)
"saturday ferry pier who jamie"
Astrid and Hardrock, and Hardrock's whips. Narrin and Jo can be seen in the background.
"saturday ferry pier astrid hardrock narrin jo"
What the *hell* is with Cossack and climbing things?
"saturday ferry pier cossack monica"
The ferry. I didn't get much chance to take photos of the inside. Shortly after boarding Astrid started to get nervous. "I'm gonna puke, I know I'm gonna puke, why the hell don't they sell gravol on the pier?" Apparently it's illegal for the crew to give drammamine (aka gravol, or motion-sickness pills) to the passengers. I walked her around, she was getting her sea legs, but she was only comfortable on the top deck and it was too damned cold. Then the water got choppy and she insisted she get off the boat... she felt awful about it, and kept apologizing all the way back to the hotel. Turns out, she was the smart one; crew said the water was only rough in the pier, but passengers later said it got much worse in the bay, and people did get quite quite ill. We went to the consolation-prize venue, the Mercury.
"saturday ferry pier"
But before we go, let's get the Goth Fratboy to pose for us. Nice gold and black here, I extended the right side to improve the composition (I botched the pattern, you can probably see the repeats with your naked eye). I tried tweaking the colour, but nothing I could do would improve the oilslick-and-gold tones.
"saturday hotel fratboy fetish artsy"
Actually looks pretty cool, but how the hell do I get that green-grain out without loosing the green girl in the centre of the picture? I've tried a few things, posterizing, midtone-tweaking, gamma adjustment (which works, but only to a point), anything short of painting by hand. Oh, and I'm unhappy about that damn thread that was on the film when it was scanned. I'm onto something here, though.
"saturday mercury artsy"
Inside the Mercury. Getting closer to what I'm looking for. The shot is of the DJ booth, from across the dance floor.
"saturday mercury artsy"
Inside the Mercury. Actually this is only a 15% sliver of the original, but the original is a piece of crap. I saved this part because it's a reflection of me in a mirror.
"saturday mercury mozai artsy"
Either: No, there is no escaping Rafe. Or: Let's see how this turbotramp can do 0-60 with a luggage rack.
"saturday hotel spyder rafe"

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