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in the merchant's bazzar. I recognize Jo holding the flyer, and Jessie holding her hand up (see my photos of Chelsea Sunday night, in line for the ShowBox).
"saturday merchants jo chelsea"
"how much am I bid this chickenwire corset?"
"saturday merchants who"
lady attending at the Skin Two table. Okay, the photo is of her clothes and not her, but isn't Skin Two all about how clothes make the person?
"saturday merchants skin_two fetish"
shoppers. I don't remember what the point of this photo was.
"saturday merchants couples who"
Can you find Cossack in this picture? Taken by setting the focus and sticking my arms above my head before taking the shot.
"saturday merchants cossack cusraque hardrock"
Algernon said I needed the obligatory 'photographer taking a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo'. I can't deny this man anything.
"saturday merchants algernon"
Must take a rest from shopping, especially since Fross contracted some deviant trans-Atlantic flu bug.
"saturday merchants artemis boadicea teetok fross micol"
smoke break. Voltaire is hiding in the shadows (how goth).
"saturday merchants who voltaire"

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