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Detgoths and TOgoths. Art is gonna show me how the Great Lakes homies do things downtown. Um, left to right it's Art, Martin of Innis College, Stephanie (smooching), the reliable Jay, ? (see B00022), Macross (wearing a Transformers t-shirt), ? (but see B00022), Astrid. Rafe says: "The ?'s are Keith and Kendra, Milwaukeegoths".
"saturday seattle art keith kendra steph macross astrid couples"
What the hell is it with Cossack climbing things and taking photos? I didn't bother giving him my camera -- he already had eight to deal with.
"saturday seattle cossack"
He looked good. Kinda reminds me of a guy I met in New Orleans.
"saturday seattle who"
Goths usually go against the grain, in a different direction. This was part of a bizarre walkabout saturday afternoon -- Astrid and I were wandering with a horde from Detroit and Toronto, but twice our horde collided with another horde of goths (or, if gulls are a 'flock', and rooks are a 'parliment', then technically another 'mope' of goths) and we were enticed to abandon the first horde to join the others. Holy ego boost and comfort. The mope of goths pictured includes Yosa in the red hair, the only person I can identify right away (sorry to the others).
"saturday seattle yosa who"
Individually shrink-wrapped shoes. What will you crazy americans think of next?!
"saturday seattle"
Seattle's Pike Market. Take the farmer's market in your local huge metropolis, and squeeze it until it oozes into a half-kilometer long and only 20 meters wide.
"saturday seattle pike market"
Astrid had to work at Starbuck's in Toronto to make ends meet. Here she is, standing at the first Starbuck's ever, showing her contempt for the company that forced her to service morons and jerks with aa smile.
"saturday seattle pike market starbucks astrid"
Do I need to spell this one out for you? "Open, Come In"
"saturday seattle astrid"
The tourist-plus-commericial centre of Seattle, it seems. If you're from Toronto, this place is like the corner of Younge & Dundas, only much cleaner and nicer looking with a fountain. Underneath where I stood were some people trying to teach the word of Christ to passers-by (I didn't stop to listen if they were legit or just prothelizing twits), but I did see a man walking in a circle about them, holding a sign aloft that read "JESUS! Please SAVE US from your followers!" I gave him the thumbs up, and he smiled in return.
"saturday seattle"
*sigh* It would've been a nice picture, but sometimes at the end of a roll this will happen if you misload film. I left it in just cause double-exposures are rare, even intentional ones.
"saturday seattle astrid"

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