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You're in a 10x10' hotel lobby. The wandering monsters table produces (rolls dice) Becky, Jelousy and Metamorph.
"sunday hotel becky jelousy metamorph"
Let me get out of your way; now let the fucking begin.
"sunday rafe couples who"
Sable takes a lunch break -- Shade (from the Starman comic book series published by Vertigo) approves.
"sunday townhall sable john"
British invasion.
"sunday townhall micol jenni4 fross artemis boadicea teetok azathoth"
'We are not amused,' she said, to which they replied 'Oh, but we are immensely amused!'
"sunday townhall who"
The only salvagable part of a shaky-handed photo of Cliff: a detail of the sacred heart he wears.
"sunday clifford artsy"
Much better picture of Cliff. Yes, Rafe tends to get in front of my camera pretty often this weekend. Cliff and I didn't really connect this weekend... not really the fault of either of us. I was running around a lot, there are plenty of people I didn't see much of.
"sunday hotel rafe who clifford"
It's 2am now. I dunno what to say. Took the photo, the greengrain kinda ruins it (tried tweaking it by toning down the green 26% and the blue 48%). The natural position of the four elements make it interesting, but I'll have to find an art student to tell me why. Best viewed at half the size.
"sunday hotel rafe who"
see what I mean about it looking better at half the size?
"sunday hotel rafe who artsy"
Monica's on a mission. Krista backs her up with a frappucino.
"sunday monica krista seattle mcfee's"
The sign reads: 'Our Beloved Satan Is Back! Sold on the Black Market he has been returned to his rightful home!"
"sunday mcphee's"
Archie McFee's, and what we found there: - ? found a china umbrella and pirate's handbag - ? found a rubber chicken and crown of the gourd queen - Astrid found the Jesus action figure (from - Monica found the Syphilis lunchbox and wobbly-headed devil - Krista found heart deedlyboppers and rabbit ears - Rafe found something very small, so he's holding my fallout shelter Luckily I didn't get hit by traffic taking this photo
"sunday mcphee's who astrid monica krista rafe crowd"
Should you be in Seattle, get a taxicab ride at least once from this man. He gave us a lift from Archie McFee's, telling us stories about the building we passed and the city itself... if we weren't leaving on a late night plane, I would've called him to give us a lift to the airport. Do I remember his name or number? NO, damnit. I asked for his card and got it, too. Well, call Red Top taxi and hope he's the one that gets the call.
"sunday mcphee's taxi seattle who"
Fashion show. The deadly sins display.
"sunday fashion_show townhall"
Fashion show. This is gluttony, I think.
"sunday fashion_show townhall"
Fashion show. This is rage, no mistake.
"sunday fashion_show townhall"
Fashion show. I thought the runway was poorly lit anyways (I was wrong, but no great loss because) and so many people were already taking pictures that I could afford to be the one camera that doesn't. So I took pictures of the audience. A bit of a failed experiment, but it's something I still experiment with (like C00006).
"sunday fashion_show crowds townhall"
Same technique as E00004, but not nearly as effective when the camera is pointed at right angles to how everyone is looking.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowds"
Little did I realize that the best fashion show photos would not be on the runway, but behind the audience as the models get some fresh air but don't bother getting out of the outfits. I cursed and cursed when I hit the end of this roll at a bad time. masque tells me this is gothbitch/Amanda.
"sunday townhall fashion_show gothbitch"
I don't think Sunny walked the runway at the fashion show (masque says she was, right after gothbitch), she might've been at the ticket stand all afternoon. That would've been a waste.
"sunday townhall fashion_show sunny"
Half this picture was over-exposed, so I just cropped the part with Scary Lady Sarah, but she was pretty dark, so I greyscaled it, tweaked gamma and contrast, and tried a wax coating filter (like I did with a00008). It's not bad.
"sunday townhall scary_lady_sarah artsy"
Another strangely exposed photo, but the colour is good.
"sunday hotel couples who"
A shot from the restaurant area above the hotel lobby. The lady heard the camera shutter, looked up and snarled at me.
"sunday hotel who"
Yay! Natalie posed for me. Did I ask for a name? No, and the contrast on her dress blends into the background. I'm so very critical of myself. Really, she looks good in a 19th century french kinda way.
"sunday hotel natalie"
Why don't people wear more red in the goth scene? I mean, it fits the colour scheme... hell, each primary colour does well with black. Lord Angel identified Rose, and said he can find out the man's name.
"sunday townhall fashion_show couples rose who"
Nothing quite like smoking to give you that sunken-cheeks look.
"sunday townhall fashion_show cureboi who"
Casual poses are always the best.
"sunday townhall fashion_show who"
Here you get to see the original picture, and what I cropped out. I don't always crop out that much, but I figured I'd focus on one person. The original was tilted because I took the photo without looking thru the eyepiece. I played around with this, and Sarah said "hey, that looks cool." I agree.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowd who artsy"
Cusraque gets direction from Kyle/DGMage.
"sunday townhall fashion_show cusraque gray kyle dgmage"
More colour, pink tights! (Carla Holley says "The purple skirt is lovingly inhabited by Trishy.")
"sunday townhall fashion_show who trishy"
Grrr, someone walked in front of me. I've noticed that if you close one eye to look thru the viewfinder/eyepiece of a camera, you lose your prehipheral vision, and your awareness of the world around you. The worst case of this is when the flash goes off, but the photographer doesn't notice because the SLR camera 'blinks' during the flash as the mirror swings out of the way for the film to be exposed. People sometimes back off, or otherwise try to stay out of my way when I point my camera. I always tell those people to stop being silly, because I never want to impose (unless I do, in which case I'll *shove* you out of the way). His leather jacket looked cool; maybe it's the Front242 reference that seduced me.
"sunday townhall fashion_show couples who"
Once again, the best photos are caught outside the r instead of on the runway. Cute little leather number, cute little Sanrio kittycat. Oh, that reminds me, I saw a gothed up Jigglypuff pokemon in this room. So cool! Whose idea was that?
"sunday townhall fashion_show who"
More fashion just outside the show. Lord Angel identfied Duane in the ringmail skirt.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowd duane who"
'Passenger Load Only, Tow Away Zone' Something about boys in leather and skirts that just get's your niccotine running. That's Lord Angel looking cenobite-like in the armour.
"sunday townhall fashion_show fetish lord_angel who"
This picture is larger than the others (four times as large as my usual square pictures!) because at 400x400 there isn't enough detail to see Hardrock and Algernon in the background. They're the only two I know the names of in this photo. Ooog. (Carla Holley identified the couple on the right: Ben/Empty and Andrea/Princess, who married during the year following and moved to Seattle) I like the perspective of the road, and the vanishing point that is visible off-centre (pixel (455,280)) with all the lines pointing to it in the picture.
"sunday couples who hardrock algernon ben empty andrea princess"
The image of a goth freak in a suit, sitting in a desk in what looks so very much to be a practical business interaction... well, it was too good to pass up. The concierge(s) at the hotel, by the way, were always polite and helpful and were never at a loss whatever questions we asked or assistance we required. They kicked ass and didn't even blink at our unusual attire. _Very_ professional.
"sunday hotel carrie who"
Algernon. 'Nuff said.
"sunday hotel algernon"
Algernon, larger for him, suitable for framing. The original is actually 1024x1536, three times the size of this (six time the size of the usual pictures on this site). I can get prints of these pictures if anyone likes, but you're probably better off asking for the originals and printing them on photo-quality paper at your local expensive copy shop.
"sunday hotel algernon artsy"
TJ posed for me in the hotel lobby. Wonderful jewelery and hair, which didn't show up beacuse I was slightly out of focus. *sigh* I shouldn't beat myself up over these things.
"sunday hotel tj"
Kirsta is a tired kitty, and Art is such a niiiiiice pillow. Monica is not grossed out by the cuteness.
"sunday hotel krista art monica"
From the New York band Unto Ashes, we have Melody (armed with a squirt gun of virgin's blood?) and Natalia (in leather, mrreow) you say that?" assume that's a girl's name."
"sunday hotel melody natalia unto_ashes"
Red! Red red red! And what is probably a better photo of C-Ko than when I was trying to take a photo of her on purpose.
"sunday showbox line couples cko cko"
Chelsea's the PVC angel, version of g00003.
"sunday chelsea artsy"
Krista in... um, Elizabethan or Edwardian? dress. Going to have to ask her.
"sunday showbox_line krista"
Big boots, running on the streets of Seattle.
"sunday showbox_line who"
The gothic frat boy is in the foreground, and the lineup goes beyond him. This part of the lineup is actually a block away from the ShowBox, around the first corner.
"sunday showbox_line fratboy crowd who"
"sunday showbox line cusraque christelle"
Sorry dear, but I _have_ to take this call. (Carla says "The pretty asian woman is Noel.")
"sunday showbox_line noel who"
Spotted friends in the lineup. TeeTok, Artemis, Pained, and one person who probably doesn't like cameras.
"sunday showbox_line artemis boadicea teetok azathoth pained who"
Hoorah. A suit, Cypher the dandy, and Lady Myria. Trid identified Caleb and Tiffany on the left.
"sunday showbox_line couples cypher myria dandy caleb"
Hardrock all wyrded up. Deadrose adores.
"sunday showbox_line hardrock deadrose"
Forgive me father for I have sinned. I mean really cut loose and sinned like there's no tomorrow. I mean, you got an hour or so? (Kait Moon says his name is Monsignor from Seattle)
"sunday showbox_line monsignor who"
What's with the suits? This time, black with violet, attended by a smiling dandy.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Ah, someone suitless. A victorian lady and gentleman, Sarahmonster and Crispy, waited upon by ~twilight~ (her favourite dead thing: Optimus Prime).
"sunday showbox_line optimus_prime twilight sarahmonster crispy"
Huzzah for alternate women. Trid says 'I <i>believe</i> the blue haired yummy one's name is Jayne, FYI here are some great pictures of her in front of the bazaar.'
"sunday showbox_line couples jayne who"
In case you missed it, she's wearing catseye lenses.
"sunday showbox_line artsy jayne"
lady holding an umbrella. Sorry about the black & white, but I had to do some tweaking and the colour was a casualty. That, and I don't have enough black and white pictures. They set a different mood.
"sunday showbox_line artsy who"
I adore digital editing. The woman's face (in white makeup) under the umbrella had turned very very blue with the sunlight through her umbrella. Experimenting, I split the picture into it's red, blue and green components, and cut-and-pasted the green component for her face into red and blue, and recombined. The effect was a tintless (and colourless) face. I cut-and-pasted her lips from the original so her striking red lipstick would survive. The lengths I go to to preserve the proper use of whiteface.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Excellent! Didn't have to mess with this at all, and it had the desired effect. You can see the line-up we were forced to endure. I can identify Greg and Absinthe at the left of the picture. Rafe's colourful skirt is in there somewhere too. Rafe says "the big blonde guy next to me in the shirt that says
"sunday showbox_line absinthe crowd rafe ted who"
Two hauntings, and a Katherine Hepburn. The event involved being your favourite dead thing, remember.
"sunday showbox_line katherine_hepburn maxi donya"
Marilyn and... oh my goodness! I've got to go to my C3 photos and I'm sure I'll identify this person. Is it Ratty/Tamera ? (Amy Lyn says it isn't.) (Carla says "Marilyn is Jennifer/Jen/Satan's_Sister/Stillbourne. Her friend is Christina 'Christi' Milton, arteest extraodinaire. These two are inseparable friends, Christi loves to play dress-up dolly with Jen [as her doll?]. By the way, Jen just got married to the lovely Jamie ( e00006 and b00009 )."
"sunday showbox_line marilyn stillbourne christi"
Lovely photo. I've got the original around somewhere here if anyone wants to make a print. Chelsea is still a PVC angel, and the couple I've seen before in the hotel... still looking good here. Trid spoke up and identified himself and Madame Archel (and corrected me with "oh yeah, and the name of the luscious vinyl vixen is Chelsea... not Jessie."
"sunday showbox_line chelsea couples trid archel"
Trid asked for the original of this picture, so here it is, a copy of the JPEG the photo labs gave me to work with. It's 1.5 Megabytes, 1024x1536x24.
"sunday showbox_line chelseaaa couples trid archel"
I keep thinking this is a french legionaire, but I'm very likely wrong. Authentic looking uniform, though. I was impressed enough to seek her out after I overexposed her photo on the last roll.
"sunday showbox_line legionarie who"
An off-hand shot, I don't think much of it, but Sarah says it's good, so maybe she sees something I don't. Good makeup on him, but pity you can't see the rest.
"sunday showbox_line who artsy"
More good-looking humans in the lineup crowd. I like the faces I caught in the background of this shot. The monocole'd man on the right is SmartPatrol, another photographer, who used to live in Waterloo just after I did, and now he's in Vancouver ( We exchanged cards, and I think I lost his for a while. Thank goodness he saw this text and mailed me later. Michael Barrick also had more to say: "The faces in the background behind Morgan are Miss Nicole (red bob), Michael (me!) beside her, and the bald person half obscured by Morgan is Myriam. Dwight and Melanie from [b00012b] are hidden behind Christian and his girlfriend (sorry, I forget her name)".
"sunday showbox_line smartpatrol crowd artsy barrick miss_nicole myriam"
On the left is Sally, who isn't technically dead, but the quality and coolness of the costume makes up for it. I didn't speak to the other two ladies.
"sunday showbox_line micol jenni4 sally"
Take a bow. Thank you.
"sunday showbox_line who artsy"
Excellent period dress. I was thinking of just cropping to her, but the face poking out into the rain to get a glimpse is just cute.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Inside, the lighting was either red...
"sunday showbox who"
... or yellow. Hey! The guy in the top hat is The Shade, again. You know you've 'arrived' when supervillians come to your parties. I've been informed the Shade's common name is John.
"sunday showbox john artsy who crowd"
Peter Murphy.
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy.
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy.
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Aaron's brother, black and white
"sunday showbox aaron"
Aaron's brother, an attempt at restoring colour
"sunday showbox aaron"
Aaron's brother, another attempt at restoring colour. The original photo is pretty horrible with grain, but I _have_ to rescue this. Aaron needed a photo of his brother and told a crowd of people "Hey, Mozai's a photographer!". If I was thinking straight, I would have taken him into better light, like that time I had to shoot a woman's corset so I dragged her into the men's bathroom.
"sunday showbox aaron"
h00014 before...
"sunday showbox artsy"
h00014 after...
"sunday showbox couples who artsy"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
*not* Peter Murphy, but his friend Bill Rieflin
"sunday showbox peter_murphy bill_rieflin"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
*not* Peter Murphy, but his friend Bill Rieflin"
"sunday showbox peter_murphy bill_rieflin"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
Peter Murphy
"sunday showbox peter_murphy"
This was supposed to be an artsy-fartsy picture of the fratboy, but it's rather underexposed. The idea was to have him underlit by the pinball machine, with orange glittering chains over his chest.
"sunday showbox fratboy artsy"
Cossack and Tatiana. Would you believe C6 was their honeymoon? It's black and white because it was the only way I could restore the original. See i00004_orig for what I had to work with.
"sunday showbox cossack who"
Two ladies, in red light. I did have to tweak it further red to get rid of the greengrain, but the lighting was naturally this red and appealing. Josie pointed outh the blonde lady is Roxanne
"sunday showbox roxanne"
On the right is Artemis, whose magical corset bestowed upon her the largest tracks of land I've seen with my own eyes. (and I told her so when I took the photo). On the left is Opium, like laughing at me (and why not?)
"sunday showbox artemis opium"
see i00009.
"sunday showbox who"
"sunday showbox who"
"sunday showbox costume krista"
Autobot in motion.
"sunday showbox costume optimus_prime twilight"
A good-looking dandy. Not so much a costume, as timeless style. I'm at a loss a second time because I met him on friday at a hotel party too; I'm awful sorry, Frank N. Furter. "I was dressed as not just any dandy (e.g., Victor Noir) but as the king of all dandies, Oscar Wilde."
"sunday showbox costume frank_n_furter"
Not a lady.
"sunday showbox costume who"
Rafe, in costume as... um, Rafe Rafe explains: "actually, i was dressed up as "God." The nametag reads: HELLO my name is: GOD. Have you seen Neitzsche?"
"sunday showbox costume rafe"
Aaron, costumed as 'the Death of the American Farm'. Hey, my favourite dead thing costume was my Atari t-shirt and nobody minded. He also said it was an experiment to see how people, who complain about prejudice because they look different, would react to someone who looked different. Aaron was pretty disappointed by the condescending looks he got.
"sunday showbox costume aaron"
TRyan gets credit for identfying Deadrose, "at least that's what she was wearing and how her hair was when [TRyan] met her." I overlooked it because I was tired, honest.
"sunday showbox costume deadrose"
Marilyn Munroe, her favourite dead thing.
"sunday showbox costume marilyn who"
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. See also g00030.
"sunday showbox costume sally micol"
A flapper? I don't quite remember, I'd had a few beers in me by the time the costume event finally happened.
"sunday showbox costume flapper who"
ancient french (saxon?) dress by Maxi
"sunday showbox costume maxi"
The Shade. I don't know what he was supposed to be dressed as, but I've been calling him the Shade all thru my notes. Damnably, I took the shot just as he doffed his hat. I really must stop drinking if I'm going to be on camera duty.
"sunday showbox costume shade john"
Beeeig dress. Bad timing for taking the shot. Kait Moon says this "is Alda AKA Madame X dressed as Lady Bathary, She's from NJ"
"sunday showbox costume madame_x"
Bellydancer. I'm certain this is the lady I shared a hotel room with afterwards. Deadrose would know her name. (Naomi identified herself and asked "do you know damon, morgan, or esperanza? remind me..." so maybe I didn't see herin the hotel.)
"sunday showbox costume naomi"
The Monsignor again, this time onstage for the costume thing.
"sunday showbox costume monsignor"
Macross accepts his 'nice guy' award -- a toy motorcycle.
"sunday showbox macross"
Back at the hotel from the Showbox.
"sunday hotel who"
Random shot at the hotel. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed.
"sunday hotel who"
Name the movie: "You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl-Scout cookie. I got you into a Remington party. What's my thanks? It's on the hallway carpet. I got paid in puke."
"sunday hotel puke"
Hotel party. First of a few.
"sunday hotel_party"
A pic of Scary Lady Sarah and John VerBerg. They're very close friends in real life.
"sunday hotel_party scary_lady_sarah verberg"
moses and her husband/consort, Stuart.
"sunday hotel_party moses couples stuart"

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