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"sunday showbox costume krista"
Autobot in motion.
"sunday showbox costume optimus_prime twilight"
A good-looking dandy. Not so much a costume, as timeless style. I'm at a loss a second time because I met him on friday at a hotel party too; I'm awful sorry, Frank N. Furter. "I was dressed as not just any dandy (e.g., Victor Noir) but as the king of all dandies, Oscar Wilde."
"sunday showbox costume frank_n_furter"
Not a lady.
"sunday showbox costume who"
Rafe, in costume as... um, Rafe Rafe explains: "actually, i was dressed up as "God." The nametag reads: HELLO my name is: GOD. Have you seen Neitzsche?"
"sunday showbox costume rafe"
Aaron, costumed as 'the Death of the American Farm'. Hey, my favourite dead thing costume was my Atari t-shirt and nobody minded. He also said it was an experiment to see how people, who complain about prejudice because they look different, would react to someone who looked different. Aaron was pretty disappointed by the condescending looks he got.
"sunday showbox costume aaron"
TRyan gets credit for identfying Deadrose, "at least that's what she was wearing and how her hair was when [TRyan] met her." I overlooked it because I was tired, honest.
"sunday showbox costume deadrose"
Marilyn Munroe, her favourite dead thing.
"sunday showbox costume marilyn who"
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. See also g00030.
"sunday showbox costume sally micol"
A flapper? I don't quite remember, I'd had a few beers in me by the time the costume event finally happened.
"sunday showbox costume flapper who"
ancient french (saxon?) dress by Maxi
"sunday showbox costume maxi"
The Shade. I don't know what he was supposed to be dressed as, but I've been calling him the Shade all thru my notes. Damnably, I took the shot just as he doffed his hat. I really must stop drinking if I'm going to be on camera duty.
"sunday showbox costume shade john"
Beeeig dress. Bad timing for taking the shot. Kait Moon says this "is Alda AKA Madame X dressed as Lady Bathary, She's from NJ"
"sunday showbox costume madame_x"
Bellydancer. I'm certain this is the lady I shared a hotel room with afterwards. Deadrose would know her name. (Naomi identified herself and asked "do you know damon, morgan, or esperanza? remind me..." so maybe I didn't see herin the hotel.)
"sunday showbox costume naomi"
The Monsignor again, this time onstage for the costume thing.
"sunday showbox costume monsignor"

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