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Fashion show. The deadly sins display.
"sunday fashion_show townhall"
Fashion show. This is gluttony, I think.
"sunday fashion_show townhall"
Fashion show. This is rage, no mistake.
"sunday fashion_show townhall"
Fashion show. I thought the runway was poorly lit anyways (I was wrong, but no great loss because) and so many people were already taking pictures that I could afford to be the one camera that doesn't. So I took pictures of the audience. A bit of a failed experiment, but it's something I still experiment with (like C00006).
"sunday fashion_show crowds townhall"
Same technique as E00004, but not nearly as effective when the camera is pointed at right angles to how everyone is looking.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowds"
Little did I realize that the best fashion show photos would not be on the runway, but behind the audience as the models get some fresh air but don't bother getting out of the outfits. I cursed and cursed when I hit the end of this roll at a bad time. masque tells me this is gothbitch/Amanda.
"sunday townhall fashion_show gothbitch"
I don't think Sunny walked the runway at the fashion show (masque says she was, right after gothbitch), she might've been at the ticket stand all afternoon. That would've been a waste.
"sunday townhall fashion_show sunny"
Why don't people wear more red in the goth scene? I mean, it fits the colour scheme... hell, each primary colour does well with black. Lord Angel identified Rose, and said he can find out the man's name.
"sunday townhall fashion_show couples rose who"
Nothing quite like smoking to give you that sunken-cheeks look.
"sunday townhall fashion_show cureboi who"
Casual poses are always the best.
"sunday townhall fashion_show who"
Here you get to see the original picture, and what I cropped out. I don't always crop out that much, but I figured I'd focus on one person. The original was tilted because I took the photo without looking thru the eyepiece. I played around with this, and Sarah said "hey, that looks cool." I agree.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowd who artsy"
Cusraque gets direction from Kyle/DGMage.
"sunday townhall fashion_show cusraque gray kyle dgmage"
More colour, pink tights! (Carla Holley says "The purple skirt is lovingly inhabited by Trishy.")
"sunday townhall fashion_show who trishy"
Grrr, someone walked in front of me. I've noticed that if you close one eye to look thru the viewfinder/eyepiece of a camera, you lose your prehipheral vision, and your awareness of the world around you. The worst case of this is when the flash goes off, but the photographer doesn't notice because the SLR camera 'blinks' during the flash as the mirror swings out of the way for the film to be exposed. People sometimes back off, or otherwise try to stay out of my way when I point my camera. I always tell those people to stop being silly, because I never want to impose (unless I do, in which case I'll *shove* you out of the way). His leather jacket looked cool; maybe it's the Front242 reference that seduced me.
"sunday townhall fashion_show couples who"
Once again, the best photos are caught outside the r instead of on the runway. Cute little leather number, cute little Sanrio kittycat. Oh, that reminds me, I saw a gothed up Jigglypuff pokemon in this room. So cool! Whose idea was that?
"sunday townhall fashion_show who"
More fashion just outside the show. Lord Angel identfied Duane in the ringmail skirt.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowd duane who"
'Passenger Load Only, Tow Away Zone' Something about boys in leather and skirts that just get's your niccotine running. That's Lord Angel looking cenobite-like in the armour.
"sunday townhall fashion_show fetish lord_angel who"

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