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Krista in... um, Elizabethan or Edwardian? dress. Going to have to ask her.
"sunday showbox_line krista"
Big boots, running on the streets of Seattle.
"sunday showbox_line who"
The gothic frat boy is in the foreground, and the lineup goes beyond him. This part of the lineup is actually a block away from the ShowBox, around the first corner.
"sunday showbox_line fratboy crowd who"
Sorry dear, but I _have_ to take this call. (Carla says "The pretty asian woman is Noel.")
"sunday showbox_line noel who"
Spotted friends in the lineup. TeeTok, Artemis, Pained, and one person who probably doesn't like cameras.
"sunday showbox_line artemis boadicea teetok azathoth pained who"
Hoorah. A suit, Cypher the dandy, and Lady Myria. Trid identified Caleb and Tiffany on the left.
"sunday showbox_line couples cypher myria dandy caleb"
Hardrock all wyrded up. Deadrose adores.
"sunday showbox_line hardrock deadrose"
Forgive me father for I have sinned. I mean really cut loose and sinned like there's no tomorrow. I mean, you got an hour or so? (Kait Moon says his name is Monsignor from Seattle)
"sunday showbox_line monsignor who"
What's with the suits? This time, black with violet, attended by a smiling dandy.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Ah, someone suitless. A victorian lady and gentleman, Sarahmonster and Crispy, waited upon by ~twilight~ (her favourite dead thing: Optimus Prime).
"sunday showbox_line optimus_prime twilight sarahmonster crispy"
Huzzah for alternate women. Trid says 'I <i>believe</i> the blue haired yummy one's name is Jayne, FYI here are some great pictures of her in front of the bazaar.'
"sunday showbox_line couples jayne who"
In case you missed it, she's wearing catseye lenses.
"sunday showbox_line artsy jayne"
lady holding an umbrella. Sorry about the black & white, but I had to do some tweaking and the colour was a casualty. That, and I don't have enough black and white pictures. They set a different mood.
"sunday showbox_line artsy who"
I adore digital editing. The woman's face (in white makeup) under the umbrella had turned very very blue with the sunlight through her umbrella. Experimenting, I split the picture into it's red, blue and green components, and cut-and-pasted the green component for her face into red and blue, and recombined. The effect was a tintless (and colourless) face. I cut-and-pasted her lips from the original so her striking red lipstick would survive. The lengths I go to to preserve the proper use of whiteface.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Excellent! Didn't have to mess with this at all, and it had the desired effect. You can see the line-up we were forced to endure. I can identify Greg and Absinthe at the left of the picture. Rafe's colourful skirt is in there somewhere too. Rafe says "the big blonde guy next to me in the shirt that says
"sunday showbox_line absinthe crowd rafe ted who"
Two hauntings, and a Katherine Hepburn. The event involved being your favourite dead thing, remember.
"sunday showbox_line katherine_hepburn maxi donya"
Marilyn and... oh my goodness! I've got to go to my C3 photos and I'm sure I'll identify this person. Is it Ratty/Tamera ? (Amy Lyn says it isn't.) (Carla says "Marilyn is Jennifer/Jen/Satan's_Sister/Stillbourne. Her friend is Christina 'Christi' Milton, arteest extraodinaire. These two are inseparable friends, Christi loves to play dress-up dolly with Jen [as her doll?]. By the way, Jen just got married to the lovely Jamie ( e00006 and b00009 )."
"sunday showbox_line marilyn stillbourne christi"
Lovely photo. I've got the original around somewhere here if anyone wants to make a print. Chelsea is still a PVC angel, and the couple I've seen before in the hotel... still looking good here. Trid spoke up and identified himself and Madame Archel (and corrected me with "oh yeah, and the name of the luscious vinyl vixen is Chelsea... not Jessie."
"sunday showbox_line chelsea couples trid archel"
Trid asked for the original of this picture, so here it is, a copy of the JPEG the photo labs gave me to work with. It's 1.5 Megabytes, 1024x1536x24.
"sunday showbox_line chelseaaa couples trid archel"
I keep thinking this is a french legionaire, but I'm very likely wrong. Authentic looking uniform, though. I was impressed enough to seek her out after I overexposed her photo on the last roll.
"sunday showbox_line legionarie who"
An off-hand shot, I don't think much of it, but Sarah says it's good, so maybe she sees something I don't. Good makeup on him, but pity you can't see the rest.
"sunday showbox_line who artsy"
More good-looking humans in the lineup crowd. I like the faces I caught in the background of this shot. The monocole'd man on the right is SmartPatrol, another photographer, who used to live in Waterloo just after I did, and now he's in Vancouver ( We exchanged cards, and I think I lost his for a while. Thank goodness he saw this text and mailed me later. Michael Barrick also had more to say: "The faces in the background behind Morgan are Miss Nicole (red bob), Michael (me!) beside her, and the bald person half obscured by Morgan is Myriam. Dwight and Melanie from [b00012b] are hidden behind Christian and his girlfriend (sorry, I forget her name)".
"sunday showbox_line smartpatrol crowd artsy barrick miss_nicole myriam"
On the left is Sally, who isn't technically dead, but the quality and coolness of the costume makes up for it. I didn't speak to the other two ladies.
"sunday showbox_line micol jenni4 sally"
Take a bow. Thank you.
"sunday showbox_line who artsy"
Excellent period dress. I was thinking of just cropping to her, but the face poking out into the rain to get a glimpse is just cute.
"sunday showbox_line who"

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