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hotel lobby. The graininess and artifacts really shows here in the blacks of people's leather and hair. A median_cut noise filter seems to do a good job without smearing detail like a smooth or blur filter would. Resizing it down to 600x400 will do as much smoothing as I should need. Trid identified the people, left to right, as Rafe, Algernon, Donya, Kiria, Inar, Trid, and Madame Archel
"thursday hotel rafe algernon donya kiria inar trid archel"
hotel lobby again. Not much graininess, I wonder why this worked out. The man who became dubbed 'avacado man' on the far left. Algernon first sighted in the background here.
"thursday hotel avacado"
Outside the hotel. On a hunch, I cropped this photo to a 1:2 aspect ratio... and it seems to work. It's the same trick that APS uses for it's 'panoramic' mode: crop out the top and bottom thirds, then stretch out to full width. I also replaced the right part with a second photo I took of the same scene (see the jink in the white curb which I smoothed, but couldn't quite fix). The left-side jink is in the gold pillar, but you can't see it. I like the 1:2 aspect, I think I'll use it elsewhere.
"thursday hotel crowds"
1:1 aspect ratio. Works really well for these three. These three cool humans I spotted all weekend and hung with. (damnit, I remember Sable's name, but only because I had to use it ten times. Middle lady is Sable's wife... whose name is... Natalie! (thank you Astrid) from Salt Lake City, Utah. The the circuitry corset (detailed later) is sported by masque.
"thursday hotel sable natalie couples masque donya"

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