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In the Karaoke bar. Crab, the bearded man in the booth was very fun and Fross looks on. Something about this picture looks... "right". Maybe composition, or the colour. I don't know, but my instincts tell me I should ask an expert what they think. Trid and Madame Archel face away, Kristalle and Crab face forward
"thursday karaoke crab trid archel kristalle"
an attempt at getting the 'rightness' of the picture. Reminds me of an impressionist painting.
"thursday karaoke artsy"
Low deail photo, but the colour is pretty cool.
"thursday karaoke artsy"
Karoke. Picture's okay, I guess. Used a flash.
"thursday karaoke who"
Karoke. Reminds me of a magazine ad, somehow. Dr. Pain, with his tounge sticking out on the far right came to C6 from Bavaria. Thick accent. Trid identified Darth, Tweakin', and Jezibel.
"thursday karaoke darth tweakin jezibel dr_pain"
Oh yeah, this is the karaoke photo I'd show off. I caught my flash in the mirror (amateur mistake, d'oh), but it seems to add a bit of disco to the mix. Very proud of catching the action and the crowd. She's singing "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)"
"thursday karaoke who"
One of the reasons I'd rather not use a flash. Everthing human has it's colour washed out. I kept it because it's a clear picture of the bar. Bottom centre is Psyche, whose colour is washed out in every photo I take of her, even without a flash. Reminds me of the Blade Runner strangeness in my C3 photoshoot. A good sign.
"thursday karaoke psyche"
Washed out, but the promised detail of the circuitry corset, and a TV as proof that Karaoke happened
"thursday karaoke masque"
Masque/Donya posed for me in the hotel. I did some photo fudgery so the space between her left arm and waist wasn't lost in shadow. I'm dead embarassed I don't remember her name. She was so nice.
"thursday karaoke corset masque"
Masque with gamma adjusted. My art programs auto-gamma-correct, but it occured to me this picture might still be too dark, so I tweaked the gamma in the picture too.
"thursday karaoke corset masque"

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