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hotel lobby. The graininess and artifacts really shows here in the blacks of people's leather and hair. A median_cut noise filter seems to do a good job without smearing detail like a smooth or blur filter would. Resizing it down to 600x400 will do as much smoothing as I should need. Trid identified the people, left to right, as Rafe, Algernon, Donya, Kiria, Inar, Trid, and Madame Archel
"thursday hotel rafe algernon donya kiria inar trid archel"
In the Karaoke bar. Crab, the bearded man in the booth was very fun and Fross looks on. Something about this picture looks... "right". Maybe composition, or the colour. I don't know, but my instincts tell me I should ask an expert what they think. Trid and Madame Archel face away, Kristalle and Crab face forward
"thursday karaoke crab trid archel kristalle"
TeeTok, masque now corsetless and breathing easy, and the two in the back row of the party bus in A00007 I aught to know. The 2:1 aspect ratio here again, but the effect is very different than in A00004. Trid identified himself and Madame Archel.
"thursday hotel_party teetok azathoth masque trid archel"
Lovely photo. I've got the original around somewhere here if anyone wants to make a print. Chelsea is still a PVC angel, and the couple I've seen before in the hotel... still looking good here. Trid spoke up and identified himself and Madame Archel (and corrected me with "oh yeah, and the name of the luscious vinyl vixen is Chelsea... not Jessie."
"sunday showbox_line chelsea couples trid archel"
Trid asked for the original of this picture, so here it is, a copy of the JPEG the photo labs gave me to work with. It's 1.5 Megabytes, 1024x1536x24.
"sunday showbox_line chelseaaa couples trid archel"

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