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The party bus. Bad photo, I'd toss it but it's the only picture I have of the bus. Just consider this a token of what I've edited out. Narrin's in the second row, left side. I aughta know who's in the back row. Psyche's in the third row, right side. I never spoke to the person in the front row, so I don't feel bad about not knowing a name.
"thursday bus narrin who"
Karoke. Picture's okay, I guess. Used a flash.
"thursday karaoke who"
Oh yeah, this is the karaoke photo I'd show off. I caught my flash in the mirror (amateur mistake, d'oh), but it seems to add a bit of disco to the mix. Very proud of catching the action and the crowd. She's singing "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)"
"thursday karaoke who"
Ah, cute, but it was the end of the roll.
"thursday hotel_party who"
First official morning of drinking. Fross was nice enough to buy a round (huzzah!). No, I don't remember the other two names. I'm awful. 2:1 ratio again for the picture. I'm really liking the composition possibilities.
"friday hotel drinking fross who"
D'oh. Natalie reading the comic 'Oh My Goth!', written by New York's Voltaire.
"friday hotel drinking natalie who"
I forgot I took this picture. Carla Holley says "Flaming redhead Leeny, baldheaded Ogre, doorman at the Vogue. don't know who's got the purple hair... then Dennis(DarkSabbat) with the long blonde hair, the fabulous Jamie again in mesh, and dark-haired missy beside him is Sadee (Dennis' wife) ... don't know the others."
"friday townhall crowd leeny ogre dennis darksabbat jamie sadee who"
?, Monica's sister, Steve with kewl hair (Astrid met him and said the person is also kewl), and ?.
"friday hotel steve couples who"
two exotics I saw, and a miscreant arm in the way. I used the flash for this one since I needed it in that hallway. The taller one reminds me of someone (aside from atypical corporategoth). I'll mention it later.
"friday greet who"
Sable with a Sisters lunchbox, and someone corseted and in velvet. They're watching some gypsy dancers (I didn't bother taking photos of them, since I couldn't get a good spot and everyone else was taking photos anyways).
"friday greet who"
cute couple, eh? It's Absinthe and her fiancee, Dave.
"friday greet couples absinthe who"
This is actually the best I could do for restoring a pretty bad picture. See C00007_orig for a sample of part of the original and you'll see I didn't do a bad job of tweaking it. Thank ghod for digital image editing, else this lady's posing for me in the Catwalk would've been wasted.
"friday catwalk who artsy"
angel wings. I used a flash, which had the unfortunate effect of shining off her right shoulder, washing out the tattoo there. I saw at least three women (likely more, I was drinking) with winged tatoos, much like the advertisements I've seen in HMV. A fad, I guess, but I can't see wings going out of style... the dark suit with tails never did.
"friday catwalk who artsy"
something about sitting people. I dunno. C5 has a terrific shot of ^batty^ kneeling that reminds me of this picture, only the C5 shot was done better.
"friday catwalk batty who"
?, but snappy dresser. This photo and C00014 were really grainy and completely red, but I managed to pull something out. Maybe the pix weren't worth it. You be the judge.
"friday catwalk who"
grayscaled because of green noise.
"friday catwalk band who"
Not much noise, works out kinda nice. Composition may be spread out too much.
"friday catwalk band who"
Decided to keep the red colour. Played with the noise by filtering most of it out, adding some uniform noise and then smoothing the whole thing. Worked out okay. I like the foreground-background contrast, maybe I could reuse this idea in a studio photo shot.
"friday catwalk band who"
She's not amused. Is it because she's being manhandled, or because she doesn't want evidence that this man is the one doing the handling?
"friday catwalk couples who"
Detail of the original. The motion-blur on the hand can't be avoided, but pretty small considering it was shot at 1/30s shutter speed (yup, even drunk I have a steady hand). No idea who she is.
"friday catwalk who"
thank you for posing!
"friday catwalk fetish who"
ambient light is so much better on the street than in a bar. Nice shiny dress
"friday catwalk who"
with beer, everybody is your friend.
"friday hotel_party couples drinking who"
Jett Black, starting the partying night already slumped against a door in Spyder's room. That's not water he's drinking.
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room jett_black drinking who"
? and Steve and Brandon, listening intently
"friday hotel_party spyder's_room who steve brandon"
"how much am I bid this chickenwire corset?"
"saturday merchants who"
shoppers. I don't remember what the point of this photo was.
"saturday merchants couples who"
smoke break. Voltaire is hiding in the shadows (how goth).
"saturday merchants who voltaire"
He looked good. Kinda reminds me of a guy I met in New Orleans.
"saturday seattle who"
Goths usually go against the grain, in a different direction. This was part of a bizarre walkabout saturday afternoon -- Astrid and I were wandering with a horde from Detroit and Toronto, but twice our horde collided with another horde of goths (or, if gulls are a 'flock', and rooks are a 'parliment', then technically another 'mope' of goths) and we were enticed to abandon the first horde to join the others. Holy ego boost and comfort. The mope of goths pictured includes Yosa in the red hair, the only person I can identify right away (sorry to the others).
"saturday seattle yosa who"
We're waiting at pier 56, and Rafe's showing off.
"saturday ferry pier rafe who"
John "The Evil Chemist" VerBerg and a lady who I really aught to know the name of, and I have a horrible feeling she may be hurt that I don't know it right now. Amy Lyn helpfully suggested her name might be "Diana"
"saturday ferry pier verberg diana who"
I really aught to know the names of these people, or maybe not. I kept seeing the man on the right around all weekend, and I remember him from New Orleans, but maybe we weren't introduced. Not a cross- dresser, just looks good in women's clothes. (Carla Holley said the boy looking good on the right is Jamie... among the other things she said about him.)
"saturday ferry pier who jamie"
Let me get out of your way; now let the fucking begin.
"sunday rafe couples who"
'We are not amused,' she said, to which they replied 'Oh, but we are immensely amused!'
"sunday townhall who"
Much better picture of Cliff. Yes, Rafe tends to get in front of my camera pretty often this weekend. Cliff and I didn't really connect this weekend... not really the fault of either of us. I was running around a lot, there are plenty of people I didn't see much of.
"sunday hotel rafe who clifford"
It's 2am now. I dunno what to say. Took the photo, the greengrain kinda ruins it (tried tweaking it by toning down the green 26% and the blue 48%). The natural position of the four elements make it interesting, but I'll have to find an art student to tell me why. Best viewed at half the size.
"sunday hotel rafe who"
see what I mean about it looking better at half the size?
"sunday hotel rafe who artsy"
Archie McFee's, and what we found there: - ? found a china umbrella and pirate's handbag - ? found a rubber chicken and crown of the gourd queen - Astrid found the Jesus action figure (from - Monica found the Syphilis lunchbox and wobbly-headed devil - Krista found heart deedlyboppers and rabbit ears - Rafe found something very small, so he's holding my fallout shelter Luckily I didn't get hit by traffic taking this photo
"sunday mcphee's who astrid monica krista rafe crowd"
Should you be in Seattle, get a taxicab ride at least once from this man. He gave us a lift from Archie McFee's, telling us stories about the building we passed and the city itself... if we weren't leaving on a late night plane, I would've called him to give us a lift to the airport. Do I remember his name or number? NO, damnit. I asked for his card and got it, too. Well, call Red Top taxi and hope he's the one that gets the call.
"sunday mcphee's taxi seattle who"
Another strangely exposed photo, but the colour is good.
"sunday hotel couples who"
A shot from the restaurant area above the hotel lobby. The lady heard the camera shutter, looked up and snarled at me.
"sunday hotel who"
Why don't people wear more red in the goth scene? I mean, it fits the colour scheme... hell, each primary colour does well with black. Lord Angel identified Rose, and said he can find out the man's name.
"sunday townhall fashion_show couples rose who"
Nothing quite like smoking to give you that sunken-cheeks look.
"sunday townhall fashion_show cureboi who"
Casual poses are always the best.
"sunday townhall fashion_show who"
Here you get to see the original picture, and what I cropped out. I don't always crop out that much, but I figured I'd focus on one person. The original was tilted because I took the photo without looking thru the eyepiece. I played around with this, and Sarah said "hey, that looks cool." I agree.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowd who artsy"
More colour, pink tights! (Carla Holley says "The purple skirt is lovingly inhabited by Trishy.")
"sunday townhall fashion_show who trishy"
Grrr, someone walked in front of me. I've noticed that if you close one eye to look thru the viewfinder/eyepiece of a camera, you lose your prehipheral vision, and your awareness of the world around you. The worst case of this is when the flash goes off, but the photographer doesn't notice because the SLR camera 'blinks' during the flash as the mirror swings out of the way for the film to be exposed. People sometimes back off, or otherwise try to stay out of my way when I point my camera. I always tell those people to stop being silly, because I never want to impose (unless I do, in which case I'll *shove* you out of the way). His leather jacket looked cool; maybe it's the Front242 reference that seduced me.
"sunday townhall fashion_show couples who"
Once again, the best photos are caught outside the r instead of on the runway. Cute little leather number, cute little Sanrio kittycat. Oh, that reminds me, I saw a gothed up Jigglypuff pokemon in this room. So cool! Whose idea was that?
"sunday townhall fashion_show who"
More fashion just outside the show. Lord Angel identfied Duane in the ringmail skirt.
"sunday townhall fashion_show crowd duane who"
'Passenger Load Only, Tow Away Zone' Something about boys in leather and skirts that just get's your niccotine running. That's Lord Angel looking cenobite-like in the armour.
"sunday townhall fashion_show fetish lord_angel who"
This picture is larger than the others (four times as large as my usual square pictures!) because at 400x400 there isn't enough detail to see Hardrock and Algernon in the background. They're the only two I know the names of in this photo. Ooog. (Carla Holley identified the couple on the right: Ben/Empty and Andrea/Princess, who married during the year following and moved to Seattle) I like the perspective of the road, and the vanishing point that is visible off-centre (pixel (455,280)) with all the lines pointing to it in the picture.
"sunday couples who hardrock algernon ben empty andrea princess"
The image of a goth freak in a suit, sitting in a desk in what looks so very much to be a practical business interaction... well, it was too good to pass up. The concierge(s) at the hotel, by the way, were always polite and helpful and were never at a loss whatever questions we asked or assistance we required. They kicked ass and didn't even blink at our unusual attire. _Very_ professional.
"sunday hotel carrie who"
Big boots, running on the streets of Seattle.
"sunday showbox_line who"
The gothic frat boy is in the foreground, and the lineup goes beyond him. This part of the lineup is actually a block away from the ShowBox, around the first corner.
"sunday showbox_line fratboy crowd who"
Sorry dear, but I _have_ to take this call. (Carla says "The pretty asian woman is Noel.")
"sunday showbox_line noel who"
Spotted friends in the lineup. TeeTok, Artemis, Pained, and one person who probably doesn't like cameras.
"sunday showbox_line artemis boadicea teetok azathoth pained who"
Forgive me father for I have sinned. I mean really cut loose and sinned like there's no tomorrow. I mean, you got an hour or so? (Kait Moon says his name is Monsignor from Seattle)
"sunday showbox_line monsignor who"
What's with the suits? This time, black with violet, attended by a smiling dandy.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Huzzah for alternate women. Trid says 'I <i>believe</i> the blue haired yummy one's name is Jayne, FYI here are some great pictures of her in front of the bazaar.'
"sunday showbox_line couples jayne who"
lady holding an umbrella. Sorry about the black & white, but I had to do some tweaking and the colour was a casualty. That, and I don't have enough black and white pictures. They set a different mood.
"sunday showbox_line artsy who"
I adore digital editing. The woman's face (in white makeup) under the umbrella had turned very very blue with the sunlight through her umbrella. Experimenting, I split the picture into it's red, blue and green components, and cut-and-pasted the green component for her face into red and blue, and recombined. The effect was a tintless (and colourless) face. I cut-and-pasted her lips from the original so her striking red lipstick would survive. The lengths I go to to preserve the proper use of whiteface.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Excellent! Didn't have to mess with this at all, and it had the desired effect. You can see the line-up we were forced to endure. I can identify Greg and Absinthe at the left of the picture. Rafe's colourful skirt is in there somewhere too. Rafe says "the big blonde guy next to me in the shirt that says
"sunday showbox_line absinthe crowd rafe ted who"
I keep thinking this is a french legionaire, but I'm very likely wrong. Authentic looking uniform, though. I was impressed enough to seek her out after I overexposed her photo on the last roll.
"sunday showbox_line legionarie who"
An off-hand shot, I don't think much of it, but Sarah says it's good, so maybe she sees something I don't. Good makeup on him, but pity you can't see the rest.
"sunday showbox_line who artsy"
Take a bow. Thank you.
"sunday showbox_line who artsy"
Excellent period dress. I was thinking of just cropping to her, but the face poking out into the rain to get a glimpse is just cute.
"sunday showbox_line who"
Inside, the lighting was either red...
"sunday showbox who"
... or yellow. Hey! The guy in the top hat is The Shade, again. You know you've 'arrived' when supervillians come to your parties. I've been informed the Shade's common name is John.
"sunday showbox john artsy who crowd"
h00014 after...
"sunday showbox couples who artsy"
Cossack and Tatiana. Would you believe C6 was their honeymoon? It's black and white because it was the only way I could restore the original. See i00004_orig for what I had to work with.
"sunday showbox cossack who"
see i00009.
"sunday showbox who"
"sunday showbox who"
Not a lady.
"sunday showbox costume who"
Marilyn Munroe, her favourite dead thing.
"sunday showbox costume marilyn who"
A flapper? I don't quite remember, I'd had a few beers in me by the time the costume event finally happened.
"sunday showbox costume flapper who"
Back at the hotel from the Showbox.
"sunday hotel who"
Random shot at the hotel. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed.
"sunday hotel who"

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