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2003-04-22 23:24: Just before Convergence 9
Convergence 9 commences in just two days, my mailserver is no longer constipated, and I revisit the website to see more people have been helping identify themselves or others. Thanks to those helping out, and since I havent gushed about shoutcast in a few months: go check out rantradio.com and in perpetual motion (ipmradio.com is dead, try "Sanctuary Radio" instead).
I trust the usual gang will have a good time in Las Vegas this year.
2002-12-24 10:23: Boston Represents!
Holy cow. Two days before Christmas and I get a gift from Boston of a whole whack of people identified in photos, and compliments on my work. Many thanks to silentq, arcanus, Joy and paisley.
2002-08-10 00:51: It's done.
Roadtrip was a big success; nothing like getting on the road, visiting a different city every day and always being greeted by people happy to see you. Sounds like Convergence. Anyways, got the reprints from D roll and scanned them, six photos more than I estimated. I moved the progress message down the page, added the Highest Rated Pictures at the top, and added the left-hand column to other pages so you can navigate a little easier. Nothing but bugfixes and minor edits from here on in. If you can help identify people in these pictures, please leave comments.
2002-08-05 20:38: Almost finished
Oh, good lord, what time is it? I've been sitting here scanning, annotating, sorting and tweaking since some point before 14:00h. I took a 1 hr break to play Puzzle Bobble. There's one half-roll getting reprinted (purple ink spill during brunch) that will be here Friday. I'm going to change the "Most recently uploaded photos" below to "Photos with the most votes" I think. Tomorrow I'm going on a 1-man roadtrip to see most of my friends out of town, so I wanted to get this done before I left. Yay vacation. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to do some heavy drinking.
2002-08-05 02:41: (no subject)
Finally moved news items off the page's HTML and into the database. Added the [View More] tags for comments and news items. Scanned another roll of film today, and I was going to scan another but got distracted, and decided to use my remaining time doing what I just mentioned above.
2002-08-02 01:55: (no subject)
Another roll of film, finishing up Saturday. Some good stuff here. I am all out of liqour (where does it all go?) and I'm forced to drink vodka. If it wasn't for RantRadio streaming industrial into my ears, I don't know how I'd be able to keep at it for the hours it takes to scan, colour correct and annotate.
2002-08-01 00:35: (no subject)
Part of another roll. Unfortunately, I planned to mark the photos on the back with a marker to make scanning and identifying easier, but I didn't wait for the ink to dry before stacking the photos... smearing purple on quite a few of\nmy better shots. One that did survive, that I was asked about a while ago, is the nuns and the fallen.
2002-07-28 18:43: (no subject)
Two more rolls of film. Maybe get two more done today too, if I decide to continue staying at home and being boring. I've got plenty of people I can't identify; I usually tag those photos with the "who" keyword. Some people I see more than once in my photos, so I've tagged them with special tags like cwho and lwho so when I\nget them identified I only have to update the database once, instead of hunting\nfor them in each photo.
2002-07-22 03:32: (no subject)
Added the C8 logo, altered the PHP scripts so I only have to edit common javascript and breadcrumbs once. Added "Most recently uploaded", which you can see after these news items. Also changed the [View Fullsize] links so that you can actually step through the images in big-and-large size. Changed [View Photo] to [View Details] to differentiate from viewing the images all big like. Ghod, why am I still awake? It's the damn industrial music... it's too pure, too good for my soul, and it's hitting me like ephidrine. That and I'm FINALLY coding for three days, after a month of being too busy to touch this stuff.
2002-07-21 00:00: (no subject)
More tinkering. I have to stop soon or else I'm gonna be late for an appointment. Added [< Prev] and [Next >] buttons so you can just walk thru the photos one by one. Also, the Random Thumbnail at the left there is now clickable, and changed the design of the [View Photo] page so it's better. Also added links on the left side to the other Convergence websites I know\nabout. I should rearrange the layout of this page so I don't have everything in the left column.

Progress: (DONE! FINALLY! 244 of 244 done)

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