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search: costume
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Keywords: costume, couple, katie, scarletscorpio, shameless, sunday

And the award for "Most Shameless Attempt at Bribing the Judges" goes to the two women making out at the judge's table. Could we have them onstage to accept their award? ...standing?

we did have them on stage and it was without a doubt the stupidest thing that happened that weekend. For that brief 60 seconds in time, we devolved into a frat bar.
-- -///, 2002-08-05 22:32

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Keywords: aqueduct, costume, sunday

It's the Roman God of the Aqueduct! With the diving powers to move water from one place to another! (When I correctly identified me, he said I was the first one to recognize him and I think he was going to hug me right there).

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Keywords: costume, liz, sunday

Best Cleavage award goes to... (a better view). Axel, to put her tits to the test, mounted his zippo lighter and lit his smoke off it.

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Keywords: cerunos, costume, darren, sunday

Cerunos, the Horned God. Universally recognized as potent, virile and... well... horny. The Award was, I think, "most divine."

Damn! Go Darren Go! His award was for Best Pagan costume.
-- Yosa, 2002-08-20 13:42

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Keywords: costume, duke, lacroix, sunday

Dr. Thompson, in his quest for what makes America great and strange, made an appearance at Fouf's. Under the advice of his attorney (who looked a hell of a lot like EdVamp), he was warned that people would have cameras and kept the mysterious case close to him. He would not answer any questions about Prisoners or Boba Fett.

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Keywords: costume, quang, sunday

Award: "Best Devil." My Best Angel pictures didn't really turn out.

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Keywords: costume, sunday, yosa

Macross has reminded me Yosa won the prize for "Most Colourful." Yosa appears here as the Queen of Clubs. There's a better photo of this in the hotel ambush pictures.

Yosa was *ahem* crowned "Most Colorful" of the evening.
-- -///, 2002-08-05 22:34

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Keywords: casper, costume, macross, sunday

Etienne and Macross, our emcees for the costume contest on Sunday night at Fouf's. Notice they aren't at each other's throats, despite working so closely for so long -- true professionals.

It looks like Casper just got off the set of a Charlie Chaplin movie...
-- Anonymous Goth, 2002-08-10 11:46

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