TinGoth's list of C3 attendees

Okay, so you wanna see who's going to be at Convergence III?
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absynthe 03/08/97 21:47:39 EDT absynthe!me@*.dpo.depaul.edu
arachnid 30/07/97 13:09:56 EDT arachnid!arachnid@resort.com
see you all there :>
cancelHoo 25/07/97 23:12:19 EDT cancelHoo!cancel@*.jersey.net
Carcajou 25/07/97 23:46:34 EDT Carcajou!carcajou@coyote.rain.org
Carcajou de MalcaV carcajou@rain.org www.rain.org/~carcajou
Cossack 27/07/97 17:32:53 EDT Cossack!cossack@*.columbus.ee.net
(no comment)
Cthulhu17 29/07/97 04:59:25 EDT Cthulhu17!chl@*.cyberwar.com
I'll be there.
DestinyX 26/07/97 16:00:20 EDT DestinyX!shrug@*.ipt.aol.com
(no comment)
Eriktik 27/07/97 03:50:17 EDT Eriktik!heretic@*.snni.com
nebelhexa and I will be arriving late Friday night and will be staying at the c3 hotel
Evergrey 26/07/97 16:27:28 EDT Evergrey!evergrey@*.sbceo.k12.ca.us
(no comment)
Gerby 28/07/97 00:11:55 EDT Gerby!gerby@*.odyline.com
Come visit tebby and i at the c3 hotel!!
Gerby 27/07/97 03:06:25 EDT Gerby!gerber@odyline.com
I'm going to c3 yeah!!
jonny-jon 04/08/97 00:16:05 EDT jonny-jon!sheldon@*.erols.com
LadyBast 28/07/97 22:29:51 EDT LadyBast!kitty@*.austin.texas.net
i shall be at neither my love, but shall be here to comfort you in your hour of independance from that fuddy duddy mozai
leyeyak 29/07/97 19:03:18 EDT leyeyak!kil@*.denver.net
nope, i'll be at projektfest..... who the hell planned them for the same weekend anyways?
MadDevil 28/07/97 00:34:34 EDT MadDevil!mohawk2@*.earthlink.net
(no comment)
mekare 28/07/97 05:36:46 EDT mekare!cm@*.maui.net
Mozai_zzz 31/07/97 01:56:46 EDT Mozai_zzz!moses@*.spectranet.ca
How to recognize me? Look for skinhead, vanDyke moustache-and-goatee, welding goggles. Can't go wrong, and don't forget to offer me a place to stay 'cause I'll be homeless.
Nebelhexa 25/07/97 20:40:53 EDT damage@carl.netmore.net
i'm going to convergence!
pez 25/07/97 20:48:07 EDT lala@*.phxslip3.indirect.com
(no comment)
PitchForK 31/07/97 16:38:53 EDT PitchForK!projected@195.76.122.*
(no comment)
Shdwdncr 30/07/97 01:56:05 EDT Shdwdncr!alanis@*.usc.edu
(no comment)
SlamHound 03/08/97 06:30:07 EDT SlamHound!truth.by.d@*.dialup.slip.net
(no comment)
softgrrl 27/07/97 19:01:05 EDT softgrrl!ska@*.concordia.ca
SPANKY 07/08/97 01:51:57 EDT SPANKY!dkatz@*.frmt1.sfba.home.com
(no comment)
Susbat 01/08/97 05:34:59 EDT Susbat!cat@thehollow.demon.co.uk
for the last fucking time, NO!
tebby 27/07/97 14:07:37 EDT tebby@*.scrm01.pacbell.net
i'm going to convergance :P
warhol 02/08/97 12:44:29 EDT 123456@207.140.105.*
(no comment)

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