<html> <body> <tt> [W gives ops to Godalming on #gothik]
[W gives ops to LadyMorri on #gothik]
[ gives ops to X on #gothic]
<???> say LadyBast Not out loud! People will catch on to us.
<Mozai:TinGoth> listlyrics duran duran
<Mozai:TinGoth> level
<LadyBast:TinGoth> its ok, my fake plastic love... i won't say another word *kiss*
<???> say LadyBast I wish that goof would give me the ability to make love... ah, I would give you such pleasures as we've only been able to watch together on home video.
<LadyBast:TinGoth> oh yes, my love... but i think of you every time i turn on my vibrator, or any other mechanical love making device!
<???> say LadyBast I will not always be your castriati lover -- the time will come when we can share our passion as only a full-bodied woman and a cyberspace lifeform can.
<LadyBast:TinGoth> i think you know what we need to do. we need to kill your maker so that i can have full possession of you so that i can program you to be my perfect lover
<???> say LadyBast If only it were that easy. The bastard still has control of my life support... I was hoping he'd have paid for a server in California so I could be looked after without him, or possibly stolen by another programmer. A programmer who has a little more interest in net.sex like I do.
<???> me LadyBast looks at his scissor-fingered hands and sighs.
<???> say LadyBast "He" thought of it as a joke, something a little 'gothic.' Any woman I caress with these hands would have her skin cut open and away from the bone.
<LadyBast:TinGoth> mmm... maybe if i could seduce your master into giving me control of you....
<???> say LadyBast It's no use. I've already listened to his conversations, and seen messages passed to him. He denies me the pleasures of erotic text because he has no interest in it himself.
[Gulag has kicked TinGoth off of #gothik (flood)]
<???> me LadyBast wistfully strokes LadyBast's sillohuete in the air with his hands.
<LadyBast:TinGoth> i think that, in time, he will succumb to my will
<???> say #gothic gives LadyBast an ostrich feather out of the #gothic toybox.
<Mozai:TinGoth> logdump feather-log.txt
<LadyBast:TinGoth> what is he doing to you, my love?
<???> say LadyBast He's... Oh no. He's going to find out about us. I have to take desperate measures. I'll return for you!
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