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absynthe 03/08/97 21:43:31 EDT absynthe!me@*.dpo.depaul.edu
Corrosion 26/07/97 01:28:48 EDT Corrosion!warsaw@205.174.96.*
(no comment)
Cylviia 02/08/97 13:57:15 EDT Cylviia!cornchip@*.indy.net
You fucking pay for desire...
DestinyX 26/07/97 16:00:54 EDT DestinyX!shrug@*.ipt.aol.com
(no comment)
Drift 31/07/97 09:23:04 EDT Drift!halcyon@expert.cc.purdue.edu
possiably more likely for saturday only though :(
HypoLuxa 01/08/97 18:56:34 EDT HypoLuxa!judas@*.dialsprint.net
when dammit
kayeyel 25/07/97 21:50:43 EDT kayeyel!kil@*.denver.net
i'm going... with two friends, we'll be driving and arriving on friday afternoon... then have to find a place to stay.... any suggestions?
kitteo 26/07/97 13:57:42 EDT kitteo!conway1@*.ipt.aol.com
i am going, and after i interview Lycia and whoever else, i will transcribe the interview for anyone who wants it and have Wav's available
Kn0wT3ars 27/07/97 01:49:46 EDT Kn0wT3ars!temper@*.black-hole.com
I belive i'm going, but i could say for SURE:)
MadDevil 28/07/97 00:47:17 EDT MadDevil!mohawk2@*.earthlink.net
(no comment)
Munyeca 28/07/97 06:40:54 EDT Munyeca!munyeca@*.ppp-net.buffalo.edu
(no comment)
nexus 26/07/97 15:26:47 EDT nexus!nexus@earth.execpc.com
Hello world! I'm coming!
Obje[]t 26/07/97 15:25:54 EDT racun1@*.msp.primenet.com
im trying to go heh. Neostatik-Obje[k]t
Shdwdncr 30/07/97 01:54:06 EDT Shdwdncr!alanis@*.usc.edu
(no comment)
SiL 26/07/97 19:22:33 EDT chaoszen@*.eulstx.swbell.net
(no comment)
warhol 02/08/97 12:44:47 EDT warhol!123456@207.140.105.*
(no comment)
X`ian 29/07/97 00:21:11 EDT prozac@*.linknet.net
(no comment)
xen0phyle 02/08/97 06:48:25 EDT xen0phyle!chaos@*.autobahn.mb.ca
(no comment)

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