Moses Moore

About Moses

I'm a troubleshooter; when I solve problems, I try to solve classes of problems, not just the one instance presented. This means when I fix a problem, it stays fixed, it doesn't merely stop being broken. I know the pain of entering a legacy system without a map of the territory, so I always leave behind documentation for "the next guy."

I spend much of my time "teaching" the mechanical servants that are autistic, illiterate, but hard-working; computers can be valuable servants, but they need to be taught how to do what you want of them.


My roommate in college called me 「莫在」, and the name stuck.

Todo list

  • Maze as a service (MAAS); riffing off something I did for practice
  • Rewrite Cypher-er to genuinely use phonetic transcription, and add the Shavian Alphabet.
  • Hungry Tournament
  • Harvey - rewriting a fourteen-year old tool I use daily.



What's Here

What's There