Alice Boone analysis by Raege


There was a bunch of characters in Ragged Edges that I wanted to give more story time. The Callibans, Kaz Grin, Kriegers, all sorts. But I knew a proper comic would take forever (I'm backlogged as is) and that my writing, certainly for a story of any length is not compelling enough.

Also, I love interactivity. I always loved SCUMM engine games and those old Ian Watson Choose your own adventure books. So I figured "fuck it. Quest thread." It's definately inferior to some, but I tried to make it pretty, I guess.

This story is written and illustrated by Mr.Culexus, and were originally published on 4chan. Mr.Culexus has a deviantart portfolio, where you can find out more about Alice Boone.

new in 2018 Mr.Culexus has a Patreon with remastered art and his saucier stuff.