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Okay, let's see what we can do. We've got a lift here, but it looks like, with most of the power still gone, we'd need 3 people to crank it up.


Ok, let's see...let's double back to the medical station then.
I do believe we haven't looked around there just yet.

You return to the medical bay, again. The techpriest looks at you with a look of sympathy.


Return Warden's pict of wife.
Ask Warden to join?

Ask name of DatAss&Rack Techpriestess?

Vilmos thanks you for the photo, but refuses to join. He's seen enough trouble for one day, and is NOT leaving his post. He may get fired as is.

The techpriest sighs like she's been waiting all hour to be asked that. She informs you that her name is leokadia Chernabog.


Ah, married then? Charming.

She doesn't seem to see the humour in this.

I concur.
Dunno about caustics tho'.
What's in Daneel's flask?

You ask Daneel, he assures you it's Mordian Breakfast tea, with a spot of milk.

Incinerator room is a service closet of sorts. Let's check there again.

No cleaning materials.

(sorry i can't show everything you suggest)



Locke was a Chernabog too?
I missed that.
Well... I don't even remember the Warden's full name.

At any rate, ask Ieokadia how caustic a sample is needed to help the regen process on the second chamber patient?

Leokadia begins to explain that the machine spirit desires something caustic, so that it may better leech the poison from the occupants body, and that it is her duty to serve, not to question.

Calliban removes his helmet, and used CHARM on Leokadia. It's super effective!!

fine, we can have hot /u/ psyker on techpriestess action, then.

Pretty sure Leokadia likes dudes. not every woman I draw is into /u/...just most of them.

I really want to see characters from Verloren Hoop in this. Cortez or Triela Wheeljack would be awesome. Or Darraj.

Please, CF?

Different timelines. Also, I do not dictate the actions of these characters, sadly.


Calliban and Leokadia were wondering terribly if you could give them a little privacy, they have diplomatically agreed between them that 15 minutes should be enough.

You gonna be a bro about this?


You politely excuse yourself from the room, and attempt to dialogue with Locke, who is either lost in how delicious his food is, can't hear you over his own slurping or has switched his ears off.

You observe the amasec gums, they are sweet and chewy, but not caustic.


....what about the soda machine?
Anything on it's list of goodies come across as particularly acidic?
The Lemon Squat perhaps?

Is the can of soda Caustic?

You look over your world possessions, as the thumps next door build to a crescendo then die down. The soda machine seems to be empty, and you already drank the can of soda you had. You still carry the empty can though, because why not.


So, how about the Peelz? Could that be caustic?

Well, how about we read the label?

Depends on the pills and how caustic we're talking.

Sounds like we need something significantly acidic or basic. We find anyplace with cleaning supplies maybe?

That's some kind of healing stuff I think. Better hold on to it.

Let's try the place in the plant room that Locke was standing on the entrance of.

The pills seem to be generic pain pills, and can restore a humans HydroniumPerfectus (or HP) levels, and can cause drowsiness if taken inapprpriatly. Not very Caustic.

Calliban has returned, his duty done.




Okay, now it's basement time.

That fucking expression, Daneel. Dat. Fucking. Expression.

I think we should examine down in that trapdoor/lift thing now.

Pleasent old place, this basement. Still, at least this time there's only one direction to head in.


Flashlights out! Both the las-shooting kind and the light-emitting kind. We need to see where we're going. Also, no shooting beams from the lasguns for illumination, we need to conserve ammo.

Weapons out and up.
This is bat country.

You both thumb the activator runes on your las weapons, as your eyes adjust to the low light conditions. You cover eachother, doing this by the book and oh for...some big bubbly mess is in the way...


Sensibly, you dip the soda tab in the CAUSTIC MESS first, you notice that, despite its appearence, it barely tarnishes the metal. Good old manufactorium Allumiumiumium!

Then, very carefully singing your happy song to yourself you blace the EMPTY SODA CAN in the CAUSTIC MESS and fill it up.
Good work. Brass balls.

You instruct Calliban to ready his PRECISE SHOT on the bridge support.


So, wait what are we doing? I just need a show of hands.
We shooting the bridge down or delivering the CAUSTIC CAN?


We don't know how Calliban recharges his abilities. Nor how many points he has left in them. I think we should SPECT(O)RAL HAND the BRIDGE SUPPORT.

Also, PRECISE SHOT would probably be useful to shoot a Genestealer with.

As your GM, I can assure you that having spent one point of power to use charm, Calliban basically recharged it instantly via Omnissiah sanctioned fiddlefaddle. He's still got 3/3

The lock is a heavy mechanical lock. Boones spectoral hands are as weak as her physical ones.


The caustic cans's have it. You give it to Leokadia, who is beside herself with joy. She empties the contents into the machine and it starts to churn.

Leo Kadia assures you that with the process sped up, the lady inside should be ready in 5-10 minutes.


Alright! Let's prepare to welcome this person.

And hope she's not too angry.

Leocadia move her foot as if stubbing out an invisible cigarette and asks if, since you're willing to wait anyway...would you mind terribly waiting in the Lounge?