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Okay! Trying to do this at a more reasonable time, as most people on this board operate in a less insane time zone to myself.


I guess potentially, it could be quite a short episode, but what with people seeming to be in an exploratory mood last time, who knows?

Previous thread is


So. Where to?


Drink some soda!

Checking your inventory, you have an empty soda can, but no actual soda. And the machine, based on it's lights, is now devoid of any soda. Bummer


wasent one of the coins the wardens lucky coin?

Yeah, but he did throw it out.

hey we got a new power !

whats flash bang do ?

Flashbang is a blinding burst that erupts from your body, dazzling nearby enemys and disorientating them, it is also relatively easy.

Let's check out the fridge first, before we go anywhere.

The fridge is now completely empty.

You decide to go back to the basement.


forward to the power plant !

Humming away like a charm.

Investigate the scene of the earlier carnage.

Given the frequency or the carnage in these parts, you're gonna need to be specific


Continue right, see what's there and where the tyranid came from.

Lets Explore some more, try and see where the tyranid thing came from.

You reach a dead end.