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Woo--ooh MAN! You would not BELIEVE

how bad my internet is.

Sorry for being so slow, but hey, It's back.

Understandable if you need to check the previous thread here: //suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15190094/

I'll wait while you do it. No rush. This could be long one.


I mean, you'll be able to get a little bit from these un-spellchecked blue explanation screen thingies I guess, but given that this episode is plot based, and largely about uncovering what exactly is going on here (WORDSWORDSWORDS) background info may do you some good.


As long as this has been taking, I assume the chick we stuffed into the auto-doc is all done being patched up?

Heh. Not how it works sadly.
Let us see how things are going. though.


Pre emptive pause menu.
It's good to know how you're going.

Go RIGHT to go down the life and give Daneel a hand. I think that's what we were in the middle of doing last time.

You're already down the lift


poke him with a stick!

You poke the soldier with the butt of your gun, to make sure he's dead, as it wouldn't be the furst time someones survived a las shot to the head. You hear a familiar crinkle of foil and discover he is infact carrying a RATION BAR


Go into the Lounge and look for porn.

...No, seriously, do it, maybe we can pull a Metal Gear Solid-esque distraction with it at some point. There might also be some hint as to what's been going on in this place.

No porn. But it looks like more soldiers bought it.
And the soda machine too.

Leo mentions that SHE has some porn (the stuff you gave her), but doesn't think it'll work on the guards.