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The Adventure Continues!

Sorry to keep you waiting, and I hope this can both challenge and entertain.


If you're behind, be sure to check the archives, some of the shit mentioned there may be useful in this episode, depending on how you choose to do things.

Last time, you finally managed to get the righ combination of doors open, and defeated a Heretek many times your size, and have since begun a lengthy ladder climb into this mining facilities actual mine....


As you stagger out into the mine, you see paths in both directions.

Leokadia, who has internalised the EMPLOYEE DATA onto her internal cogitator, mentions that this shaft contained 4 miners, 2 of which were dosed with the experimental chemical.

As Stenz, the man from cell A was logically one of them, that still means one miner here is infected. You're unsure which. Best to play it saafe.


Eeeny... meeeny... miney (heh, miney).... RIGHT!

You walk to the right, the path goes no further this way, and there are some lockers