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Ah, here we go. More or less on time.
Loading your game from last time, so it's still Episode Seven, still.

I'll try to listen to you all and keep this fun but not to easy. Let's get started shall we?


No need for those blue texty screens in this instance, as you ain't finished the level yet.

last thing we knew, though, you had appeased the engine of the KORNHEISER HOVERING MINER TRANSPORT, but had not started it up.

What do?

Also, I made that big Ol Page of notes some people wanted.


Well, let's start up this thing!
Then go deeper into the mine again riding it, then to the right to where we haven't been yet.

(I Should point out that the tunnel that goes DEEPER is too narrow for the KORNHEISER)

You look at the IGNITION PANELS. You've never seen anything like it. Leokadia explains that it is activated by patterned heatsignature, and that you need to drag your fingers though the indents (darker red) in certain patterns to make it start.


I second this.

(Meta of me, but for what it's worth, that's not possible at this juncture)


Like this on all 2 panels?

( Certainly not. But yeah, I encourage you to MS Paint this puzzle)


rolled 94 = 94

Any smudge marks left on that from the previous user?

Doesn't look like it.

rolled 21 = 21

Weeeell, I have no idea, let's go deeper into the mine and look around to see if we can find anything.

You are once again DEEPER

rolled 47 = 47

Has to be the right code.

No, but you're thinking. That's good.


Liek dis?

'fraid not.

You and your team go to the right there is a plasic curtain, there is also more path to the RIGHT