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So anyways, I was thinking it was about time I did a little more Boonequest. Sorry for the delays, as usual.


It's been a bit I admit, and there's a bit to take in at this point. There's a bit to take in also, so if you need a moment to look through the archives too, that's gravy pie.

There is also this cliff notes business here:

Also, for what it's worth: as the game is getting more exposition heavy and based more around talking with people (mostly team mates) I've tried to make the 'talking to someone' screens slightly more interesting or detailed, generally just for team members but hey. Putting that out there.

Best get started, we have a short cutscene first...



The CHIRIUTUBE goes through its final cycle, making a bizzare noise like house keys down piano wire before a definate thud is heard and from the smoke emerges, at long last, Nel. Free from her affliction she has the look on her face of absolute relief and delight.

Tears well up in her eyes


She reaches out and pull you against her, not in a desperate attempt to cling to her humanity like last time, but with genuine warmth and grattitude.

"You have saved me, Alice Boone. Thank the Emperor for you. I will never forget this"

Behind you, a recessed holoprojecto flickers to life.


A hologram of GODEK, the now sainted (or whatever the techpriest equivilent is) head of this medical department.
A soft, commanding voice crackles from it.

"If you are seeing this, then you have managed to do what i could not, and save a life I was powerless to help. Please find contained within this receptical, the wordly possessions of Nel Torokvei, with one final gift of my own"

A floor tile slides open revealing a TECHNOMAT JUMPSUIT, a MULTITOOL and a CANONESS FRUIT PIE.