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It's that time again.
Does everyone know where we're at?
Seen the 'cutscene'
All of that?

Well, it's starting now, in any event.


By a conciderable majority of about..I dunno..eight actual votes, people have decided to explore the shuttle crash as our next location. A good idea, as we need all the help we can get.

Our first goal, however is to regain conciousness.


Nothing but ink.
Slowly but surely your senses return.
The kiss of life.
Panicked pressings upon your chest.
A familiar voice.


'Alice?' She never calls you that. You just wish she did.
Your brain, or at least you THINK it's your brain, is messing with you again.

Throne damnit.


You blink your eyes open and see NEL and MINHELM above you. You ask them if everything that happened, happened. They agree that it did.

You then ask which one of them was resussitating you. They exchange a glance and assure you neither of them, as you had pretty much just fainted, and had been lying their murmuring and smiling for about 10 minutes.


Yayifications! Boonequest!
Get up a little embarrassed and examine our surroundings!

Proceed with caution, it still might be a trap, ask them what happened.

Minhelm helps you to your feet and begins to look you over for damage, muttering that its odd that even your tunic isn't damaged despite having a high calliber round fired at you.

As she does this Nel explains that, both her and Minhelm were indeed given cardiac arrests, but as a Tech-Adept, she has a small implant attached to her heart that automatically diffubrulates it when it stops, basically in case she ever gave herself a powerful electrical shock while working.

She then performed CPR on Minhelm, and they carried you to the building entrance.