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Kind of a late one, huh?
But honestly, I needed to get one done at least once a month or we're gonna lose track even worse.

Also Work Uni bluh. excuses excuses excuses

Anyway, so its just the comm tower this time, but the DINER chapter is gonna be huge, so that works out kinda. Also, you'll have 2 rounds of combat to get through before you get there, so this wont be too too quick

Anyway, let's get started shall we?

is there rule 34 on boone?



Okay, so you gotta head out into the warzone again, I'm gonna need one of you to roll a d20.


rolled 10 = 10



You rolled a 10! You did!

Oooh! This gon' be good. Gimme a sec.


You, Jacobi and Myers are trudging through the war torn wasteland when you instinctively freeze. There is a figure slumped on a rock as if waiting for you. It doesn't turn to look at you straight away, but you can feel it staring.

You can't seem to move.


Can we call out to it? Let's do that.

>something is afoot

The man turns to you and smiles weakly.

"Oh hey there. I can see I have your attention. Wanna see a magic trick?"

You answer that, yes, you do without even wanting to.