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Slightly late one today, folks.
But I'm sure, very productive.

Keep your wits about you.


Current destination is the Schola, but we may have to fight our way there.
Now is a good time to check inventory or ask questions if you're so inclined.


Your inventory checks out, but you're still pissed about that coin that was nicked.


Your allies are looking good,
You're new friends Gato is uncomplex but might be useful.
Gregory Gato
Beastman PDF soldier.

No particularly fantastic skills, but he weilds an autogun in each hand and has virtually limitless ammo. Good for supressing fire and holding the line, should you ever need to hold something nasty at bay. Decent ranged damage and HP. Low armor.


Greg's skills use no PP, but are contextual and passive.

* Beastial - He has excellent hearing, sight and smell and will often pick up things others don't. Same deal as C-16, but Gato can speak gothic.

*Twitchy - Having Gato in your party gives you +2 to initiative, this stacks with Myers' +5 for a total of +7

*Local - Gato has lived on the planet your on for a while, so he knows a thing or two.

basically a good guy.

His main power is really obviouslly meaning to sound like Scott Mcneil