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Here we go again.
CHeck the archives if you need to. It'll give me a chance to prep a little more.
Big one today, in spite of it being quite small.
Might take you more than one session!

Good luck, Anon!




There's some awesome archives for you!

Now, I believe you were going to the Schola next.
Well, they call it a Schola but not all the kids there are orphans.

Well, I mean, they might be now.

Anyway, theres going to be a single thing guarding the door.

Can someone give me a 1d20+7 initistive roll?
I'm doing the same.


rolled 18 + 7 = 25

Sorry. Rolling again and trying to get it right.

Is this open to new players?

Yyyyes, But you may want to catch up on the story first.

You motherf-

I mean, yay! Boone Quest!

I suppose I can just call off my thread for tonight

Don't let me stop you man! Just have a seperate tab.


I believe we had more than our dose of weird last session, with the MINDSCAPE.

This is correct. Good to see you!

Seizing initiative, the SS3 asshole fires a full volley into Boone, but fortunately GATO stands in harms way using PROTECTS DAMES.

Your move!