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Looks like it's that time again. Nows a good time for a re-cap, I'd say. And you can ask a bunch of questions if you like.



is the archives.


from the navis primer

CF, take a look at the second paragraph.[editor's note: referring to "Rogue Trader: The Navis Primer", page 68, which describes an urban legend about a late-awakened daughter of a planetary governor ...! ]

Holy sheep shit!

uuuh. Coincidence.


spare parts to fix LEO's bro AND the teleportarium?

Sure, although because the TELEPORTER keeps burning out, the parts are only good for one teleportation each.

Here are your team members, who, lets face it can pretty much kill anything between the two of them. I'll try and bottom line their skills.

Thoughtful. Good with non science puzzles. Carries cash. Heat and Motion sensors. +5 to intiative rolls.

Yaroslava: Strong, Very good armor, will take all damage intended for Boone, best ranged attack, carries chocolate, has three digi-weapons (volcano pistol) built into her knuckles (good for high armored targets)


And there's you of course. I think a little refresher course on your powers might be a good thing.

SPECTRAL HANDS: Anything Boone can see, that she could move with her hands, she can move with her mind. Pretty basic stuff. Range is about 30 metres. May be sustained with successful PSYCHIC tests without spending another PSY POINT, unless you fail. Then the object drops (say for example you were using SPECTRAL HANDS to move a dangerous substance for more than one screen. Threshold 10.
TELEPATHY: Allows you to read the surface thoughts of a character. They are generally not aware of this. Threshold 10

HEAL: You close the surface wounds of a character of your choice. Heals 20% of their maximum health per casting. Less effective on the heavily mechanized Threshold 7

FLASHBANG: A support skill. If Boone uses FLASHBANG during a battle then her team members get a free attack in addition to the round that just played. Theoretically, as long as Boone keeps casting FLASHBANG, opponents will never get a chance to hit back. Threshold 6

To do psychic rolls: 1d10+5
8's or 9's mean pheomena, due to the psy-hood's upgrade also weakening the veil slightly.

However, rolling an 8 will never escalate to perils.