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Holy Hell! It's not dead!

It's been months! MONTHS!

Start slow, I guess? This first little bit's just talking anyways.

Gonna be a REAL short session, I think. But hey- I'll start drawing or something when we're done.


Archives are here: //mozai.com/stories/BooneQuest/

Other info here:

Anything you don't know, just ask. Least I can do.


For only shifting a floor and a half at most, this lift feels like its taking forever.

Awkward silence mini-game!

Hold a conversation!

Once one of the bars is full, the lift is over!
The things you say here do effect the game.

No pressure.


Right, using one from Deviantart.
Explain your time at the schola, mentioning the problematic location (you SWEAR you saw a dæmon there) as a potential fallback point if Waldrip gets too active. Wonder out loud about Sister Nicola's final words and actions, and whether or not you should try singing The Touch.

" Boone, if there ARE daemons there, they'll swallow you up as a ppaetiser first. it's too dangerous."
"The right song can turn the tide of a battle, in my dubious opinion."

'So, Elevator Music. Do you like Elevator Music?'

"Not usually."

About them heretics, right? Hehehe..
Then check your watch, or, provided you don't have one, stare at the floor

"Nothing funny about Heretics. Their misconceptions would be funny, if they didnt cause us such trouble."

Have you ever thought that servitors know more than they let on? I know I have...

That's reassuring.

"Possible. Hope not."