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Resuming this mess from a day or so ago.
Sorry I'm late! I had the night shift!!



previous episode:


Slow ass session, in all likelihood. See how we go.
It's been long enough that if there's anything you've forgotten, just ask.

I will answer in most cases instead of making you backtrack!


You are Boone.

What shall we do?



You have the TANK CREW unlocked already

I didnt expect you to have it all done by the time you got to the temple, but there you have it.

The tank crew is:

NEUNENHOFF- commander
CARLYSLE -gunner
YAROSLAVA - driver

They are all in the nook formed at the SHUTTLE CRASH SITE.

If you have the CODEC CODE of anyone who is there, you can contact them indirectly and send them over.


Driver - Nel

Gunner - Yaroslava

Commanded - Connie

Kinda hard to steer anything with arm and blood loss shock.


Not listed on the Wiki!

Carlysle = Milly

My mistake


I think, first and foremost, we should go and activate the teleporter with the parts we have left. Shore up the crew.

Solid idea! That will end the level though, so you may wanna collect the TWO BASES you need while you're there.



You put a call through to MINHELM, who has been acting as a contact for the rest of the crew.

She seems to have a quandry for you.

Choo Choo

I'm very sorry. Just suggesting. You can, of course do things in whatever order you want.