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Oh shit! OOOOH SHIT!
It's time!


Sorry for the..what? SIX MONTH break? Not very pro.

Let's do this already.


Customary refresher:

BOONE: Boone is small and not very strong, but has decent aim with her admittedly pretty lousy weapon. She also has access to PSYCHIC POWERS. These are done by beating or matching a power's threshold with a 1d10+Willpower roll, using the Dark Heresy System, which is 5 in this case.

SPECTRAL HANDS: Anything Boone can see, that she could move with her hands, she can move with her mind. Pretty basic stuff. Range is about 30 metres. May be sustained with successful PSYCHIC tests without spending another PSY POINT, unless you fail. Then the object drops (say for example you were using SPECTRAL HANDS to move a dangerous substance for more than one screen. Threshold 10.

TELEPATHY: Allows you to read the surface thoughts of a character. They are generally not aware of this. Threshold 10

HEAL: You close the surface wounds of a character of your choice. Heals 20% of their maximum health per casting. Less effective on the heavily mechanized Threshold 7

FLASHBANG: A support skill. If Boone uses FLASHBANG during a battle then her team members get a free attack in addition to the round that just played. Theoretically, as long as Boone keeps casting FLASHBANG, opponents will never get a chance to hit back. Threshold 6

Boone recovers PSY POINTS by relaxing and enjoying the good things in life. Rare, sweet, food or warming experiences. Things that remind her of her old life.
Boone: beer can, slaught syringe,spook syringe, Archeotech Necklace, Condom, Dataslate, Commissar Jellfish Card, Commissar Fuklaw Card, towel, Water purifying hipflask, Compact Laspistol,


High above the surface of Trydusin V, aboard the Manus' Manus, Captain Joachim Toullemonde confirms the target lock of every particle beam his vessel can muster.

By your recommendation they are all locked onto the mountain top fortress and water treatment facility. This is the last place any enemies reside, but it is also where there are the most. And most mutated.

He is ready to scorch the earth.

(I've actually been showing up for drawthreads lately, just not as much as I would like)


At the base of the tower you stand on, Kas Grin has rigged two of its supports with krak grenades, ready to blow them on Raeges word.

The idea is, if I recall, to ride the collapsing tower over the fortress wall while orbital lasers hammer the earth around you, giving you a head start on the huge amounts of enemies there.

Anon, you make the best plans.

(sorry for long ass intro)


The COMMISSAR lowers her hand from her ear and turns to you, looking almost mischievous and confirms that both parties are standing by on her signal.

Anything you wish to do?

(Now is a great time to ask catch up questions)